If there is one product I have an abundance of in my collection, it’s mascaras. I just seem to accumulate them and my collection grows & grows. Here is a quick run-down of my top five drugstore ones…

Max Factor False Lash Effect – £10.99 | The most recent addition to my collection is this one by Max Factor, a brand that I don’t own much of. Although it has quite a thick wand, it is very neat and has a rather ‘clean’ effect on the lashes by not clumping together. I think this definitely adds length and separation over volume and is one I reach for on a more chill day. It’s a very delicately pretty mascara.

L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic – £10.99 | Again, another mascara that favours length over volume but this time to the extreme – my lashes always look super long when I wear this. The teeny tiny wand makes for a precise application and really can grip the lashes at the root for an extra lift. I’ll often mix this with a volume giving mascara for a double effect and if I need extra separation. 

L’Oreal Miss Manga – £8.99 | Probably the complete opposite of the previous L’Oreal offering, Miss Manga is messy upon application due to it’s bendy and ‘all over’ wand. However it can give some real punk vibes to any makeup look as it clumps lashes (in a good way) and adds some oomph. Although not the best at holding the curl, this is definitely one to consider if you’re after something not too tidy.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde – £9.99 | I would 100% put anyone in the direction of this if they said that they want a mascara that will give them volume as this does it brilliantly. The chunky wand grips all your lashes and applies a thick coating of the product making them double in size and give the illusion that they are 100x more full. This one is definitely a winner in my eyes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational – £7.99 | This one is a complete all rounder and ticks every single mascara box there is. It separates and adds additional length, whilst making the lashes appear more full whilst holding a curl. The tiny bristles ensures that every lash is covered, even those tiny stubborn ones and the shape ensures no extra mess. If you’re going to buy any of these, buy this one!!

If you are in the market for a new mascara and you don’t want to be paying £15+, these are the top five that I would recommend that you can pick up at your local Boots! Let me know in the comments which drugstore mascara is your favourite, and which is your least favourite too! Thanks for reading! 

Megan. xo

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