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Bloggers I Look Up To

LBQBlog, Carly Rowena, In the Frow and What Olivia Did

There’s four different ladies who I look up to for different things. Let’s break it down and I’ll tell you why I admire these women so much…

For Honesty | Whenever Hayley writes a thought-provoking piece on her blog, or posts out a super-genuine tweet, I sit and fist pump the screen in agreement. I can always rely on Hayley when I need to know all the facts, wether that be about a beauty product, a beauty myth, or the latest goings-on in the blogging world. She is not afraid to speak her mind, regardless of the situation and that is a quality that I hugely admire. If you want someone who is the real deal, check out Hayley at London Beauty Queen.

For Positivity | Carly is just a bloomin’ ray of sunshine on a dark and stormy day. Just one glimpse at her gorgeous face and I instantly feel lighter in my mood, she oozes positivity and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. Her encouraging tweets and spurring on instagram captions make me smile from ear to ear and feel a lot better when I’m feeling a little down. Not only does she have an absolutely banging bod, but it’s complete with a heart of gold too. For lots of love, check out Carly at Carly Rowena.

For Style | If someone asked me who my number one style crush was in the whole of the bloggersphere, my finger would point at Liv. She is the epitome of personal style, owning every single piece that she wears and making each look her own. Her flawless photographs show her effortless elegance and it makes me a teeny weeny bit green with jealousy, in a good way! Despite her amazing fashion sense, she also seems like the ultimate sweetheart. For a stylish babe, check out Liv at What Olivia Did.

For Motivation | Victoria’s blog was one of the very first I started reading when I started blogging myself, I remember been completely drawn in by not only her personality, but her writing style, fashion sense and most of all, her determination. The past year or so has just gone to show how much her hard work has paid off, she has become one of the most recognised bloggers in the UK (and quite possibly further!). Victoria makes me never want to give up. If you want someone with a bunch of passion, check out Victoria at In The Frow.

Megan. xo

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