I am a huge advocate for shining the light on others and doing so in the blogging community is something I feel strongly about. I spoke about being each other’s cheerleaders here, but here are five simple ways to support each other…

COMMENT | Probably one of the most obvious and easiest ways to support other bloggers is by commenting on their content. Whether it be an Instagram photo or an actual blog post, telling them that you are enjoying what they are doing and get involved with their content. Often I’ll ask a question relating to the post at the end of mine and I love when people reply with their answers. Even if you don’t have time to comment directly, send them a tweet and let them know how much you enjoyed their post today. I guarantee it will make them smile!

SHARE | If a post really speaks to you, whether it is something a bit deep, or maybe you just really enjoyed the way someone spoke about a lipstick, or their latest outfit post – share it! I will often share other bloggers and creatives on my Instagram account as not only is it a nice surprise for them, but it makes me happy that I’m sharing the love too. & I really love helping people out by showcasing posts I love on Twitter also. It may help drive your traffic to their blog and well that is just darn lovely. 

CLICK | Some people may consider this controversial or whatever, but I really don’t. A lot of bloggers nowadays incorporate visual adverts and affiliate links in their blog. I think it’s great that we can earn a little bit of pocket money from our blogs. By clicking on a few of a blogger’s ad’s and links when you visit their website means that you are helping them (even if it is by a couple of pennies) to earn a living. Now isn’t that amazing?! 

COMMUNICATE | Speak to other bloggers! Don’t be afraid to hit them up on any social media platform, or even send an email. Even if it is just to say hello and ask how they are doing; By doing so you are motivating the blogger into thinking that what they are doing is worthwhile, therefore supporting their blog, their hobby, their passion. You never know when someone may be feeling down about what they are doing, and speaking to them and sharing your experience is always a positive. 

RECOMMEND | Recommend them to other people and brands! If someone is asking for you to share your favourite blogs with them, do so! If you are stuck for a post or are having a blogger’s block, share who you have been reading lately. Something else that I have started making a habit of doing, is if a brand emails me with an opportunity which I don’t think is quite fitting for me, I will recommend a blogger who may suit it better. After all, I wouldn’t have met McBusted if it wasn’t for the lovely Becca!

So there are five, really quick, really easy simple ways that you can support other bloggers. Let me know if you incorporate any of them or whether this post has inspired you to do so. What do you do to support others in the community? 

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