The amount of dry shampoo I go through shocks me. Bottles of the stuff. At around £4 a bottle for your average-joe dry shampoo, I decided to pick one up on a complete and utter whim…

I popped into Wilkos to pick up a few blogging bits (great for that kind of stuff!) and I knew that I needed some beauty necessities so thought I may as well pick them up there and then. Y’know, the usual deodorant, body wash etc etc and Wilkos is purse friendly when it comes to most things. When looking for my usual bottle of Batiste, I noticed that it was more expensive that it would have been in Boots and situated next to it was Wilko’s own brand Dry Shampoo. For 95p. Ninety. Five. Pee. (lol).

With no crazy expectations being held for this particular thing, I was kind of amazed at how well it works for such a teeny tiny price tag. The product does, like most, dry shampoos, give a somewhat grey mist to the hair; However this one is on the subtle side and disappears once the product is worked/combed into the hair. It refreshes the hair without making it feel too inundated with product (and generally minging) and reduces the appearance of greasiness rather well. I tend to spray it around the roots of my hair, leave for two or so minutes, then work in with a brush and my fingers.

Although it is not going to be the prettiest can of something on your shelf, it may well be the most affordable! Do you own any bargain beauty products? I can’t wait to have a look around Wilkos for even more cheap deals and delights! Let me know if you are interested in giving this a try now! Thanks for reading.

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