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Baking Recipe | Oreo Rocky Road

July 14, 2015

Working at The Olde Young Tea House, I’m faced with a lot of cakes and other baked goodness. After finding the recipe for the Rocky Road on their blog, The Tea Bee, I decided to give it a go…

So for this you will need:

– 300g Milk Chocolate and 300g Dark Chocolate

– 250g Butter

– 6 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup

– 100g Digestive Biscuits

– 100g Oreos

– 200g Large Marshmallows

First off, take a large pan and melt all your chocolate together on a low heat with the butter and the golden syrup until it is all melted together and smooth. Take it off the heat to cool slightly whilst you take your Digestives and Oreos into a bag and give them a good ol’ smack around but still leave some larger pieces. If you want you can also slice your marshmallows into two (I forgot to do this) then add them, along with your biscuits, to the mixture and cover with the chocolate. Take a loaf tin, or something similar and cover in cling film before you pour the mixture in. This will just make it easier to get out the tin. Pop in the fridge over night, take out, slice up, add a sieve of flour and serve. Voila! 

Let me know if you try this recipe and make sure you tag @theoldeyoungteahouse on Instagram if you do. You can see all of their other recipes here. I’m a little bit obsessed with those stuff at the minute! What do you think?

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