Event | Mothers Day & Gorilla Volume 3 @ Lush Middlesbrough

After a long wait, my local Lush store in Middlesbrough finally held its first Bloggers Event! Last Thursday a group of NE Bloggers popped along to the store after hours to see the new fragrance launch and what’s coming up for Mothers Day this year…

Lush are reknowned to release limited edition products surrounding certain occasions throughout the year, tailoring and naming their products to follow suit. I have to say, considering this was the team’s first ever event, they did an amazing job. We were greeted by some tasty treats (two enthusiastic thumbs up!) and were introduced to the products that were launching, sniffing away at the fragrances and been given bath bomb demo’s. We even got to make our own Fresh Face Mask, which I got far too carried away doing…

First up we have the new fragrances for the launch, Gorilla Volume 3, all of which are unisex. The sweeter of the three is Kerbside Violet, which smells kind of like Parma Violets and is really fresh. The second is less sweeter and a bit more on the woodier side of fragrance, All Good Things holds a more smokier scent. Finally we have Death & Decay, which isn’t as dark as you would think. Surprisingly it is rather floral and sweet, a total opposite to what the name would suggest!

The company has brought out plenty of products for the up and coming Mothers Day but we were mainly introduced to the three pinnacle products. The shower gel that comes in the most beautiful lilac shade is Yummy Mummy; It’s also enhanced with a lustre to give the skin some extra glow in the shower whilst smelling super sweet. A similar smelling Bubble Bar release is the fabulous looking Ultraviolet, where like most bubble bars, you can definitely get around 5 baths out of this one piece. It turns your bath purple and leaves you feeling all glitz and glam. We seen the Bath Bomb Secret Garden in action and it was stunning; Green, pink and yellow swirling around whilst smelling very floral indeed.

So round of applause for the Lush Middlesbrough team, you put on such a fantastic event and I am so excited for more to come in the future. GO NE BLOGGERS! Let me know if you’ll be picking up anything for your Mam from Lush for Mother’s Day (or even some bits for yourself) and which of the fragrances sound up your street. Thanks for reading!

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