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Fashion | Accessorising for Prom with New Look

February 22, 2015

Ahh! Prom? That’s right! Although it’s only February, a lot of girls like to be that little bit more organised for the upcoming event by purchasing their outfits early, and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune…

I think now more than ever, some girls turn to the high street for their options for Prom and well, why not? I didn’t go over the top at my prom and the high street bring some great pieces out for the occasion nowadays. Today we’re looking at New Look’s offering, a brand that I feel are continuously upping their game. They have a whole range of dresses and other pieces that can be dolled up to look glamorous for the occasion – who needs a full length dress for Prom now always?

Here I’m sporting two of their accessories from their Prom section on their website. These Platform Heels (£24.99)* come in four shades which can appeal to a subtle, or a pastel approach. I’m never one for having plain shoes so this time I went for the latter; As Prom season is in Spring verging on Summer, the weather (fingers crossed) may be a little bit brighter, which is ideal for wearing some pastel hues. To match I chose the Double Lock Push Clutch (£15.99)* which can be worn three ways; As a clutch, on the wrist with a wrist strap or with the long chain that resides inside – I bloomin’  love items that you can wear more than one way.

Let me know if you think the high-street is a good place to shop for Proms and what your experience with Prom clothing and accessories were? If I could reverse time, I would totally not spend as much as I did and would have shopped around the hughstreet first. Where would you look if you were going to Prom this year?

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