Let me give you some background about my hair… I’ve only ever been able to wash my hair every other day due to it getting greasy really quickly. My hair is in great condition on wash day and day two, but by day three it’s a mess and in need of washing again. I’ve tried many different products from many different brands but nothing has been able to make a difference. Until now…

When I received these I really wasn’t expecting a miracle as like I said, every brand I’ve tried hasn’t been able to help. The John Frieda ‘Hydrate & Rescue’ Shampoo* is of a really light and thin consistency and when I first applied it to my hair I didn’t think it was going to lather up at all, but it does! I then go ahead with the ‘Hydrate & Rescue’ Conditioner’* which is a lot thicker and heavier and is a real deep conditioner for my hair. This first made me worry that it would weigh my hair down as my hair if very fine.

After towel drying I’ve been spraying one spray of the Oil Elixir* into my palms and running it down my hair from the mid-section to the ends. When I finish drying my hair I immeadiately see a difference; It feels as if my old lifeless hair has been transformed into something a lot more smooth and healthy. I’ve now gone from washing my hair on the third day to the fourth, which has made such an amazing difference! I genuinely can’t believe it – I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I use these up!

Overall, I’ve had an extremely pleasant experience with these products – I’m over the moon. I’d definitely recommend these if you especially get greasy hair. Have any hair products completely changed your hair? Let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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*These products were sent to me free of charge & for my consideration. All opinions are honest & completely my own.