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Hey guys! I’m Eliza. A 17 y/o beauty product and skincare hoarder. I am from the South East of England just outside of Brighton. I write new content on my blog twice a week on all things beauty, lifestyle and soon to be fashion related. I started my blog back in april 2014 mainly with beauty focused content. I am expanding into lifestyle and fashion slowly and I’m beginning to realize why I didn’t do it sooner! Blogging has been such a confidence booster for me. It’s really helped me find myself. In the future I’ll definitely be opening up a lot more getting a little more personal and out of my comfort zone. I really enjoy hearing any feedback/tips/recommendations related to my blog and the content I feature. Pop over and come say hi, I’m always eager to interact with you guys. Hope your all having a lovely start to the new year!
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Hi everyone, my name is Cherry (yes, like the fruit!) and I blog over at My blog is a mix of beauty/lifestlye and fashion but is pretty beauty heavy if I’m honest. I like to write about budget friendly make-up you can get on our very own high streets but you’ll also find the odd outfit post and ramble about what’s going on in my everyday life. You can find me on twitter @cherryp13 and over on Facebook at


Hello, my name is Amy, I come from the South East part of England and I have a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle focused blog. I originally started my blog in December 2013 but took it more seriously in April 2014. I also have a YouTube channel, but my blog is my baby. It was an escape from a negative situation and has transformed my life; I never thought blogging would be a place I felt I belonged. I enjoy writing about makeup, life experiences and food. My aim for 2015 is to travel more and blog about it. Fancy coming along for the ride?”
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