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Beauty | MAC – All Fired Up Lipstick

May 21, 2014

Another day, another MAC lipstick… This is my fifth tube of MAC goodness and I am still yet to be disappointed in all areas; shade, formula, longevity. These lipsticks do tick every little box apart from the price tag. I know that £15 isn’t exactly extortionate, yet it’s not purse friendly when you want and crave every single shade available now, is it? My latest addition is the ever so beautiful ‘All Fired Up‘ – I know, when do I ever go neutral?

MAC themselves describe this as a ‘bright fuchsia matte’ and I really do think that they hit the nail on the head there. It is such a vibrant dark pink with a hint of red which is something that I don’t tend to usually wear on my lips. When it comes to pinks, I like to stick to my well-loved ‘Impassioned so this is a change for me. It is probably the most mattifying lipstick that I have tried from MAC, and it does tend to tug a little on the lips so a good scrub with a lip scrub is ideal. However, this means that it lasts all day long and can conquer big meals and drinks without losing any of it’s intense colour.

So it’s yet another winner MAC lipstick – Will I ever be disappointed? Let me know in the comments your favourite MAC shades and what you love about them. Have your tried ‘All Fired Up’?

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