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Beauty | Christmas With… Fragrance Direct

November 15, 2017

Christmas With Fragrance Direct Christmas With Fragrance Direct Christmas With Fragrance Direct Christmas With Fragrance Direct

*This post is sponsored by Fragrance Direct, all views are my own*

Christmas with Fragrance Direct has been made super simple. Why? Because they have an incredible range of scents to choose from, duh!

It’s around this time of year where we get asked that (sometimes) dreaded question; ‘What would you like for Christmas, Megs?’.

For me, it’s often met with a blank expression and something along the modest lines of ‘Oh gosh, I don’t know, erm, just whatever you think’s best!’, whilst circulating all the beauty products I lust for like a carousel in my mind.

I was thinking of something that I seem to get gifted rather than purchase myself – fragrance.

Ask yourself, do you buy yourself perfumes/aftershaves for yourself? I know, I don’t seem to.

But I always find myself buying them for other people and vice-versa.

So why not pop a particular fragrance on your Christmas Wishlist this year? It’s the perfect present to wrap up that is the ideal balance of functional and thoughtful.

The best part about it? Is that there’s so many to choose from that it’s bound to be somewhat a surprise.

(I mean unless you are one of these people who send Excel spreadsheets of ideas to those who’ve asked, of exact links to where to buy your wishlist items.)

(That’s totally ok, but I’m not one of those people).

(I just act shy because I’ve got enough really)

But, the thing is…

Fragrance shopping can be a task to some. With all those smells woozing around your head, and so many amazing bottle designs to choose from, it can become somewhat overwhelming; Enter, Fragrance Direct.

The one-stop-shop for all things perfume and aftershave related. It may look a little overwhelming but don’t fret, Christmas with Fragrance Direct is easy – because they’ve done all the hard work.

Don’t you just love it when brands make it easier for you to shop?


Fragrance Direct have created their very own ‘Gift Edits‘ for both him and her, popping all the popular fragrances in one place and to suit every price range.

After a stocking-filler or buying for a Secret Santa with a £15 budget? Fragrance Direct have you sorted.

Fancy surprising a close friend or family member with a luxury perfume? Yup. That’s sorted too.

It’s all done for you.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the Chloe Signature Fragrance because I mean, just look at that gorgeous bottle! It’s light, floral and bloomin’ well dreamy. It’s the type of fragrance I’ll save for ‘best’ – because people do that, right? Right?!

For my other half, I thought that he’d quite like to try the Lacoste L’Homme, a brand I haven’t seen him use in some time. & guess what? He loves it.

I was going to wrap it up for an extra Christmas present, but he’s described it as his ‘evening’ choice of fragrance and simply ‘must have it now’.

Boys and their grooming obsessions, eh?

Who’d of thought?

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a fragrance for a loved one this year remember that Christmas with Fragrance Direct couldn’t be more simple. Go ahead and have a little look.

Hey, you might end up purchasing a little treat for yourself.

Megan. xo