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July 9, 2013

First things first; OH MY GOD. Thank you for everyone who nominated me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 – I was amazed to find out that I’d been shortlisted in the ‘Best New Beauty Blog‘ category. I literally could not stop crying for about an hour; I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. I started my blog to tell people about products I love & show the world my outfits and now I’m in with a chance of winning an actual award for Thumbelina Lillie. Everyone gets a cookie & a cuddle! You can vote for your favourite blogs via the widget at the end of the post or in the sidebar!

Today is something a little different; I thought I’d show you some of the brushes that I use in my make-up routine. These are the brushes that I immediately reach for every time I do my make-up. However, I do sometimes mix it up and use others if for example, I’m applying eye shadow. But these are the ones that without fail I use on a daily basis…

After moisturising I’ll use my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush  to apply my concealer. This is the perfect size brush to fit just under the inner corner of my eyes and around my nose and is great for blending the product out. Next comes my favourite brush of the moment, the RT Multi-Task Brush. Alongside my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, this brush helps me create a flawless, yet natural base – it really picks up the perfect amount of product.

Once my base is done I need to groom my ever-growing eyebrows and for this I’m currently using my Vintage Cosmetics Company Lash & Brow Brush* as it just does the job so well, simple! Due to the sunshine, my body is slightly more tanned than my face, so I’ll sweep a little bit of bronzer all over using the VCC Bronzing Brush* which is huge so it does the job quickly and super easily. I’ll then contour with VCC Blush Brush* which is an ideal size to give a more defined look to your cheekbones and I’ll finish up with dusting on some highlighter with my RT Contour Brush.

Viola! Those are the brushes that I’m currently using every time I apply my makeup. I know they’re only from two brands but stick to what you know is good, am I right? I’d love to know what brushes you use every day or what your ultimate favourite brush is so please comment below! Thanks for reading!

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