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Update | My First Year In Blogging…

October 4, 2013

Wow. On this very day last year I published my first post on Thumbelina Lillie. At that point in time I had no idea where I wanted my blog to go and I certainly didn’t think that I’d still be writing it today. I remember reading blogs and being fully captivated and inspired by them; The photography, the products, the clothes, everything just completely drew me in. So here’s a little run down on ‘My First Year In Blogging’…

BEAUTY: I started my blog with lots of interest but little knowledge about cosmetics, skincare, haircare etc. Recently I’ve had people come to me for opinions on products; Granted I’m not right all the time, (hey, who is?) it does make me feel somewhat useful when people come to me with a question or buy something that I reviewed and tell me how much they love it too. I’d like to think that my knowledge has grown and my make-up application skills have improved and hopefully they both will continue to do so!

FASHION: I knew that I always wanted to incorporate a fashion element into my blog as from a young age I’ve had such an obsession with shopping. Although I’m not a total ‘fashionista’, I’ve loved sharing my real outfits with you guys; All of my ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts have been genuine outfits that I’ve worn and not something I’ve just put together for a blog post. Along with that, it’s been weird seeing my fashion grow and change. I’ll look back on certain ootds (aka, my first one) totally cringe and think ‘God, I’d never wear that now!’.

EVENTS: I wasn’t really familiar with Blogger Events when I first started writing – I just thought all the ‘big bloggers’ went to huge events such as Benefit in London all the time! Little did I know that the North East Blogging Community (The NE Bloggers) is absolutely huge and full of total babes. I went to my first event earlier this year and met some girls who I would now class as real friends. It’s fabulous having so much in common with someone! I still can’t believe that only a couple of weeks ago I organised and held my own eventwho’d of thought?!

MYSELF: My blog has been a kind of ‘virtual journey’ for little ol’ me. I’m not saying blogging has been a walk in the park, because it hasn’t! Just like everything else, things do go wrong and you do make mistakes, but they’re there to learn from… I never thought that in a million years I’d be shortlisted from 43 000 blogs to just 14 in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 that was held two nights ago. Even though I didn’t win I’m so grateful for the amazing experience and it’s spurred me on to work even harder for next year.

Now a little note to you guys… Thank you. Seriously. My blog wouldn’t be what it is today without all the support and comments I get from those who read it. I appreciate every single person who clicks onto my blog and has a read of what I have to say. You’re the ones who have given me the opportunities such as putting on my own event and attending the Cosmo Awards. So thank you for everything and here’s to another year of Thumbelina Lillie.

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