23 September 2014

Beauty Event | The Body Shop: Four New Releases

The Body Shop have been a brand that I've really connected with over the past few months; I love their ethos and their latest releases have been a hit. I recently visited my local store with my buddy Gianni for an event to view four new releases. It was my first scheduled visit to my nearest store as I usually attend Newcastle store events, but the girls who worked in the store were the nicest ladies I've come across in a beauty related situation. The girls had well-informed knowledge, great make-up application skills (thank you for my makeover Joanna!) and bubbly personalities that made the event really lovely and genuine. Anyway, you're here to hear about the new releases, right?

The most exciting release for me was their new Colour Crush Nail Colours (£5) which have been a crazy three year project for the brand. The reason for this is that they are 100% vegan, so the formula has took years of perfecting to find the right ingredients to create a polish that's not only great on the nails, but has a cruelty-free formula (which is hard in nail varnish!). Coming in 24 stunning shades, the polish glides on easily, taking two coats for an opaque finish and dries quickly. Mint Cream is my favourite, pastel gorgeousness. A new-in for make-up is the Instablur's little sister, the Instablur Eye Primer (£10). The cream texture is different to their regular Instablur and was tested on the back of my hand to show how it can change eyeshadow; It completely enhances the colour whilst ensuring that the shadow lasts longer. I'll be using this when I have long days but want my shadow to stay bold throughout.

A different product to The Body Shop is their Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, a refreshing product that comes with a rollerball applicator which has cooling properties. Packed with Edelweiss plant stem cells to assist with skin renewel, you simply apply the product in a figure of eight around the eyes (pictured above). The effects are not entirely instant, but using the product every day for a few weeks will help in the achievement of reducing the appearance of both those dreaded bags and any fine lines... Finally comes in the scent to rock the shelves nearer to Christmas, their Red Musk has hints of cinamon to make it a woody, warm fragrance, completely opposite to the floral notes of White Musk. Definitely something to keep your eye out for!

Another set of great releases for the brand, I can't wait to see what other people think of them. If you didn't watch my latest YouTube video on The Body Shop, you can do so here. Let me know if there's anything that you'll be trying out for yourself, thanks for reading!

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21 September 2014

Beauty | Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

If I could recommend you one product from the whole of Lush it would be this, their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I hands down swear by this stuff. The sugar based scrub is set to exfoliate your lips which not only makes them as smooth as a baby's bum, but all set for any badass matte lipstick that you're about to apply. You simple dip your finger in the pot (not exactly hygienic, I know), apply it to your lips and scrub all that dead skin away. It's great that you can eat this stuff too, I don't mean shot a spoon in it, but lick it off your lips. It tastes just as good as it smells, I promise! My first pot lasted me around a year after using it every single day so they're worth every penny of the £5.50 that it costs!

Let me know if you're a lover of Lush's Lip Scrubs, I know they have a few other gorgeous flavours too, but this is definitely my favourite!

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19 September 2014

YouTube | A Little Update

I realised that I haven't been posting my videos here on my blog for a couple of weeks as I've been so busy with other content, but I would still love to share them with you on occasions. I've been loving uploading weekly every Sunday, I feel like I'm getting into the swing of this whole YouTube malarky, so here are my latest videos. Enjoy, and please subscribe if you like what you see!

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17 September 2014

Beauty | Crownbrush Brushes

Well I've never seen a brush set that screams 'me' more than this, have you? Pastel lilac, my favourite colour. Crownbrush are a brand that I've seen all over the place lately but hadn't been introduced to personally until the lovely Zoe (go read her blog, it's fabulous) sent me some goodies to play with. I instantly fell in love with the 523 Purple HD Set* - it certainly has some brushes that I was missing in my collection and well, my brush pot has had some colour added amongst the black handles!

Equipped with a handy mirror and tweezers, this set holds 6 HD nylon bristle brushes, three of which are for the face and three for the eyes. I was desperate for a new powder brush to go alongside my new powder (watch this space!) and the Pro Powder is the ideal density to disperse just the right amount of product to the face. The other two face brushes, the Tapered Blush and Deluxe Contour, are a lot more denser so they're perfect for packing colour onto the face. When I have an occasion and want to do the whole 'contour and highlight' shabang properly, I'll definitely be reaching for these to give me chiselled cheekbones.

I've been absolutely smitten by their eye brush offerings. The Chisel Shadow is perfect for packing on colour onto your lids and the Crease Blender acts like the beloved MAC 217 to blend any shadows together for a finished look. They really are a great team and all you need for any eye look. I've been getting to grips with using the Detail Liner with a gel liner to help create my favourite cat eye look and it's working a dream for creating thin lines - love!

Overall I'm really impressed with my first experience with Crownbrush and look forward to trying more stuff from them. Let me know what make-up brushes you love to use and if you've managed to try any from this brand. I'd love to know, thanks for reading! 

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