30 August 2014

Monthly Round Up | August

Life | This month feels like it's been non-stop action. I feel like I've constantly been on my feet and had no time to sit down and take a breather, it's probably from doing some over time at work which I don't normally do. It's one of them months where everything comes at once and it's a little bit overwhelming sometimes. Nevertheless, it's still bloomin' exciting. I'm kinda getting bored of being off University now, which is something I thought I would never say! I just miss seeing all my friends most days as blogging can be a bit lonely sometimes.

Blog | In terms of beauty I've been introduced to so many brands which makes me mega excited. I love just messing about with products and using a variety of things because sometimes I can completely get myself in a beauty rutt and continue using the same ol' products over again and again. Some of these brands include the fabulous Pixi and Nyx. On the fashion side of things, my favourite outfit this month was this Pink Vintage Playsuit - it's totally rekindled my love for all things vintage. I'e also started regularly uploading videos to my YouTube channel every Sunday and I am really loving it - I hope you are too!

That's a little round up of this month for ya'll - I'd love to know in the comments what you've been doing this month and which posts you enjoyed here on Thumbelina Lillie. There's a whole load of exciting things going on in September, but I can't quite tell you just yet, watch this space!

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28 August 2014

Advertising | Meet My August '14 Advertisers!

Hello there! I'm Rebecca, 21 and from London. Ashka, my little blog, is my own little space for all the things I love - especially fashion and personal style. I do throw in a bit of lifestyle - like travel diaries, mini inspiration posts and interviews. I started my blog as a platform for all the passions I have, and so I could have a place to express myself. I'd describe my style as girly grunge meets minimalism with some splashes of colour and patterns every now and again! I am a massive crazy cat lady and tea lover. Come say hello!

Hi everyone! I’m Jordan, a 22 year old beauty blogger, currently on medical leave from university with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My blog focuses mainly on beauty reviews and hauls, although in the future I’d like to try some lifestyle posts. I set up my blog mainly because I’m sure my friends and family were getting fed up of me constantly telling them about my new favourite blushes or the new products I was looking forward to trying! It has also helped me to deal with my illness a lot, being bed-bound for days on end can get very boring & lonely! Although I haven’t been blogging for long, I absolutely love it! I hope if you pop by you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! x
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'Life is Worth the Fight' is essentially a blog about me (Stacie). I write because I want to document my time whilst waiting for a Heart and Double Lung Transplant and hopefully when I get my transplant too. It demonstrates the up's and the down's of life on the transplant list. I also started writing it not only for my own reflection but in the hope that I could maybe raise awareness for the importance of Organ Donors to others who come across my blog and how merely talking to one's relatives could help change some-ones life for the better, give someone a life they've never had. It is the greatest give someone can give. I also write about things I like and things I do so when I've had a massive shopping spree or been on a day out with friends and family. It is quite simply my little place where I get everything out and share it and experience it with all of you guys :)
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26 August 2014

Beauty | BirchBox August 2014 - Contents

Subscription beauty boxes aren't a thing for me - I know some people swear by them but being a working student I can't justify another bank credit each month! However, I do think that they really are a great way to try new brands and sample new products.  The wonderful guys over at BirchBox HQ sent me this lovely little parcel* so I can feel involved in the world of beauty sub boxes and see what all the fuss is about. I thought I'd let you know if the products would be something that I would really use...

This months samples come in a very handy plastic bag which is going to be great for carrying any toiletries when travelling - love it. The first product to catch my eye was the Number 4 'Super Comb Prep & Protect', a spray that is a leave-in conditioner, detangling spray and heat protectant all in one, talk about a triple threat! This is one that I'll definitely be giving a go after my next shower. In this month you get a double dosage of the Supergoop 'Daily Correct CC Creamwhich seemed to blend well into my hand however looked a tiny-teeny bit on the orange side. I'll have to give this one a test on a lazy day to not run the risk of a public-tangerine-trauma. 

I decided to give the Sarah McNamara 'Miracle Skin Transformer' a spontaneous test and although my skin felt silky smooth afterwards, the microderm crystals felt a bit like I was rubbing sand on my face - not good. For a fragrance touch, a vial of Resist Me which has notes of bergamot, lemon and lavender. It's a tad strong and 'grown up' for me as I like flirty, floral scents, but I can see a older, kick-ass business woman wearing this. (edit: being honest, after about 10 minutes it began to STINK) My most favourite pick of the box is definitely the Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow in the shade '04 Becca' which is a beautiful almost rose gold shimmer. A product that I'm making sure that I get some use out of! 

So that's my thought on this month's Birchbox offering. Let me know in the comments if you got this box and what your thoughts are. Also if you get Beauty Subscription Boxes in general and what your thoughts are. Thanks for reading!

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24 August 2014

OOTD | An Old Sparkle Midi

Sometimes I keep clothes for keeping's sake even though I know deep down that I don't get enough use out of them. On this particular day I picked out not one, but two oldies from my wardrobe and shot them together to create this little ensemble. Both items are from Topshop around three years ago maybe? Talk about being a clothes hoarder! I've always had to keep the white crop jumper as it's such a staple, and the sparkle midi skirt, well it's just too darn pretty to throw away! Although this is only one of two midi length garments I own, I'd love a few more but I find them so difficult to pull off being a teeny five foot... Sigh...

Do you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe that you can't bare to throw away? Or are you quite good at clearing out your stash? Please excuse my roots in this photo, I think I'm in desperate need of a colour! Thanks for reading my lovelies.

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