4 October 2015

Blogging | Thumbelina Lillie turns 3!

Well, that's a bit of news isn't it! I have scoured my brain for an answer and I just don't get it, how have I wrote this thing for three years? I have never stuck to a hobby before!

Three years ago to this very day, after reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for what seemed like forever, I took the plunge and wrote my very first blog post here on Thumbelina Lillie. It's actually still live, alas quite embarrassing, and you can read that here. Looking back now, I could not be more thankful to myself (yes, I'm thanking myself) that I bit the bullet and did it. Blogging has become part of my livelihood and is something that I still thoroughly enjoy doing and put 110% of my heart into. It brings me so much joy and I finally feel like I'm beginning to find out who I am as a person and a creator...

I'm not going to lie, in the beginning it wasn't easy. People laughed in my face, made comments behind my back and thought that it was just a 'phase' that I was going through. Was three years of this a 'phase'? I think not. I used to take a lot of that stuff to heart, so again, I'm thankful to myself for sticking at it and working past the negativity. I have had some ridiculous opportunities that still, to this day, I can't believe that I have taken part in. From collaborating with incredible brands, attending a worldwide premiere, going to launch parties with celebrities and bloggers, travelling around the UK and to be honest, getting to do what I love best. Create. Write. 

It wouldn't of all happened however, if it wasn't for you. That's right, you sat there on your laptop, or travelling to or from work, mobile phone in hand. Without your support of my little space here on the inter-webs, none of that would have happened. Although I write this blog for myself and for my sense of enjoyment (and sanity), I write for you too. Without readers, where would I be? I owe you so, so much, and if I could send you all a personalised letter, thanking you from the bottom of my heart, I totally would. I'm hoping that these words will be enough but I can't quite put into text how much I appreciate the readers of Thumbelina Lillie. Here, have a virtual hug and feel alllllll the loves.  

What's next? To be honest, I don't know. I never do. I'm just gonna try and keep producing kick-ass blog posts and create until my heart's content. Maybe I'll find my place on Youtube, maybe I won't. I'm all for leaving things to happen when they happen, as they are supposed to happen. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I love you all lots! 
Megan. xo
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2 October 2015

Lifestyle | Drinks in Kingly Court, London

As soon as Carli led me into Kingly Court for some drinks whilst we were visiting London, I fell in love straight away. Lemme show you two really cool places we stopped at for a cocktail or two...

The rectangular shaped court has 3 levels of restaurants, bars and even a yoga getaway! All looking in on each other onto the outside seating decorated with greenery and fairy lights. Our first port-of-call was The Rum Kitchen and we were ideally seated at the window so we could watch the world go by right before our very eyes. I also spotted bloggers Amy Valentine and Kayla Hadlington whilst sat there too! 

The menu was pages and pages full of cocktails, from your classic Cosmopolitan and Margaritas, to cocktails of concoctions I had never heard of before! I opted for a Sorrelade to start with, which was fruity yet had a kick of some kind of spirit or other. I then asked if they could make me a cocktail with Midori in (it's my favourite) and they kindly kicked one up for me which tasted absolutely fantastic. Top service all around! The staff were very welcoming and friendly and had a large knowledge of all the cocktails they had to offer.

We then popped downstairs to Cahoots, a kind of secret speak-easy style vintage bar themed around the Underground of London in the 40's. The entire place's attention to detail is terrific, from the decor, to the menu, to the music and the highlight of place are definitely the staff. Dressed all in 40's clobber, they speak as if from that time and address you brilliantly. When my cousin asked for the toilet, they answered that there was a bucket out the back & when asked if the had wifi, they acted all confused - absolutely brilliant! 

The cocktails here were absolutely delicious, I opted for something which was kind of like an Amaretto Sour, another one of my favourites! The menu is displayed on a newspaper and houses at least 40 different options to choose from. Apparently we were really lucky to get a table as it can get quite busy (for the right reasons!), so if you are interested in this place, I'd definitely book up or get in the queue first! 

So there you have it, two great places for drinks if you are around the Carnaby Street area. May I add that food in both places smelt and looked delicious! Let me know if you have ever been to any of these places or if you'd be interesting in visiting either of them! Also, let me know your FAVOURITE cocktail! 
Megan. xo
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30 September 2015

Advertising | Meet My September '15 Advertisers!

Hi! I’m Sophie and I run www.prettyandpolished.co.uk. I started this blog after having somewhat of an epiphany; I’m obsessed with beauty, love baking and coming up with recipes, and had a burning desire to write openly about mental health…so why not combine them all in a blog?! While I predominantly write about all things beauty, I enjoy discussing issues affecting the blogosphere, tackling those niggling problems that others may not dare speak about, and most of all, hearing what everyone else has to say about them. Openly talking about mental health has become a huge passion of mine. Through sharing my experiences of trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder) and giving make-up advice on how to cover-up baldness, I hope to raise awareness, end social stigma and inspire confidence in other sufferers. I hope you enjoy having a browse!
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My name’s Caroline Elvin & I’m an author based in Kent. I’ve had a passion for writing all my life, and that, mixed with the interest in beauty, fashion and travel encouraged me to start my blog. My aim is to provide inspiration and ideas for likeminded women. I interview motivational women monthly and spend a lot of time curating and researching content my audience will appreciate. Follow my blog for ideas, tips and inspiration about everything from food and fitness to homeware! 

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Oh hey there! Let's keep this short and sweet, eh? I'm Lauren, a 22 year old Project Manager by day and makeup loving, beauty buff by night who loves nothing more than slapping on the war paint and taking on the world - lovely to meet you! Beauty On Crackers is your one stop shop for all things beauty with a little sprinkling of lifestyle chat thrown in the mix for good measure. Expect product reviews, the scoop on my beauty and skincare loves, blogging tips and more. Stay tuned for my upcoming acne series and join me on my accutane journey! It’ll be a blast, promise ;-). Oh, and sometimes it gets a little deep - but we’re all friends, right? Drop by sometime and leave me your blog links, I’m always looking for some new reads... Oh, and don’t forget to let me know that Megan sent ya! Till next time!
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Little Boots is a creative outlet which is meant to inspire aspiring writers while providing tips and advice. I'm a side hustling freelance writer who dreams about inspiring others with words and writing her own stories while still falling into other people's worlds. I want to help others learn what I had to find out the hard way. I’m Rhianne and I love to read and write, my blog was born after I found I had lots of spare time and rekindled my love for writing again. Since then I have rebranded, narrowed down my niche and started thinking up new ideas, as well as writing a novel. Feel free to drop by!

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Megan. xo

28 September 2015

Food | Shake Shack, Convent Garden

There's a certain food that I always see on Instagram, burgers! There's also a certain place that I see people eating them, Shake Shack! We took a pit stop in London to try some out...

Situated in the market place in Covent Garden is a place that is loved by many due to it's fast-food, yet scrumptious taste. It is a great place for a bite to eat on your lunch hour if you work in the surrounding area, or if you are a tourist out-and-about for a bit of shopping. The open-air dining experience means that you can watch the London world go-by whilst listening to live music played in the market. We were lucky to be seated rather quickly, picked our foodie delights and waited patiently (or maybe not-so) for our little buzzer to go off to tell us our order was ready.

Carli opted for the Shackburger, topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce and their famous ShackSauce, saying it was absolutely delicious as we both devoured our meals in two seconds flat! I didn't go for a burger (this literally is a shock!), and went for a Flat Top Hot Dog, of which I smothered in ketchup and could have ate two more of - insane! On the side we ordered a portion of their famous crinkle fries, which I just love the shape of. Is that weird? To wash everything down Carli chose two drinks for us to share, a Strawberry Milkshake and a Blueberry Lemonade, both absolutely gorgeous. I could have definitely drank a gallon of the milkshake.

Overall, my first experience at Shake Shack was a pleasant one - definitely a great place to stop for lunch if you're on the go! Let me know if you've ever been to Shake Shack and what your thoughts are? Let me also know where your favourite burger place is! Thanks for reading! 
Megan. xo
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