29 August 2015

Lifestyle | The Edinburgh Napier Experience - Day 3

Rise & shine, it's our last day in Edinburgh! Nevertheless, like the previous two days, our to-do list was jam packed full of exciting things & exploring more of Edinburgh City...

Todays University Campus was the Sighthill Campus which focal points are on Nursing, Sport and Science. We first had an incredible tour of the medical facilities, which is basically a hospital on campus! They have £45K Sim mannequins which can simulate actual health issues such as cardiac arrests and heart attacks - it is pretty much one step down from 'the real thing'. They have child, baby, neonatal and pregnant sims, they can also imitate an actual birth with the placenta, umbilical cord and all! Amazing! I was wow'ed! After that we then went to the BioScience Labs and followed a procedure to extract DNA from fruit, which was pretty cool & fun to do. We briefly stopped off at Veterinary Nursing to learn how to bandage a dogs leg (or a cats tail!) and then had a tour of the Sporting facilities and took part in some agility tests (see me running like the wind in the photo!).

From the campus, we headed on down the Royal Mile to a very famous and popular attraction in Edinburgh, the Camera Obscura Museum. It is essentially a very tall, old building that is full of optical illusions that are bound to make you squeal with anxiety, or have a fit full of giggles. My favourite part was the walk-through vortex style tunnel (pictures above). Although a perfectly straight path, the spinning lights make you feel like you are tossing and turning everywhere - I was crying laughing! I think this place is perfect for all ages and also has a great gift shop where I decided to pick up every sweet and chocolate necessary!

To finish off the trip in style, we ventured off to The Killer curry restaurant, a family ran business with some of the hottest curries around. I loved on the menu that I spied an Iron-Bruhna Curry - brilliant! They are known for their 'Killer Curry', which is served to it's victim with a background music of the JAWS theme tune and a man wearing a gas mask! I love spice, but not that much so I opted for a Chicken Balti and it was delicious. Although I could of handled a bit more spice, it was still very tasty and bursting with flavours! They also do a chocolate Naan Bread which although we didn't try - sounded very intriguing indeed!

It was then time to say our goodbyes and head off back to Middlesbrough. A huge thank you to Rachel, Michelle, Alan and the Edinburgh Napier team for putting on such a fantastic trio of days - we enjoyed every single minute of it! If you'd like any more information about the University, you can find that here. It really is amazing & has some wonderful facilities!

I hope you've enjoyed this little mini series of my time in Edinburgh, make sure you check out the other bloggers who I went with down below, and let me know what you would like to do if you got the chance to visit Edinburgh! Thanks for reading! 

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*This trip was paid for by Edinburgh Napier University. All opinions are completely honest & are my own.  

27 August 2015

Lifestyle | The Edinburgh Napier Experience - Day 2

Waking up in a sunny Scotland was a pleasant surprise for day two of our trip in Edinburgh! With a constant and jam packaged itinerary, today was bound to be full of excitement...

On this day we jumped in a taxi and headed to the Craiglockhart Campus, which was probably my favourite out of the three we visited! It is home to the Business School and is just situated on the most beautiful (and green!) grounds that I have seen. They were the perfect place to take some outfit photos, so I took advantage and you can see the outfit in this post here. There we had two amazing lecture style chats with two of the PHD students, one about blogging & the other about social media. They left me so refreshed about my blog and reminded me how and why I started. They also made me very excited for the future of Thumbelina Lillie. The building is also a cathedral where church can be held and you can also get married. & guess what? It's BEAUTIFUL! A very pretty place for a wedding indeed!

We had some spare time in the afternoon so after another amazing lunch spread put on by the University, we headed into the centre of town for a look around the shops. Middlesbrough doesn't have a wide variety of shops so our first stop was Jo Malone, followed by Space NK, Anthropologie & Oliver Bonas. There was so much I could have popped into my basket but I held back! We stopped by at Bibi's for something sweet to eat and I could of eyed up their cakes and macarons all day - they looked incredible and so many delicious sounding flavours! 

After a few hours of exploring the city, watching street performers and my first hand at public vlogging (yes, that happened), we headed to Le Monde near The Dome for our evening meal. The bar and restaurant is definitely one for the young-business type of folk with it's classy yet edgy decor. We were sat at a huge round booth table and given the cocktail menu, I opted for a Goodnight Kiss with Disaronno, Moet and Strawberry syrup - delicious! For the food I played it safe with a burger (I know, I know, no salad either!) and it was beautiful and on the large side which was a lovely surprise! I definitely had room for a little dessert...

Afterwards we headed to something that I was super excited for and it totally did not live down to my expectations but the only thing is, I can't say much about it! After a lovely evening stroll through the town, Dr Knox's Enigma was our destination. It is basically a live escape game with a hint of The Crystal Maze. You and your team are told a story before you head into a room where you are locked in. In that room there are clues situated everywhere alongside puzzles and riddles that you have to solve before 60 minutes runs out. We amazingly solved the entire game and finished with 6 minutes to spare! It was SO much fun and I'll definitely be looking for similar activities all around the UK! Definitely a place to visit if you are ever in Edinburgh! 

To finish the night off, when we got back to the accommodation we pushed all the sofas together, covered them in duvets, shot our Edinburgh Napier onesies on and cuddled up with sweets and crips for a good ol' chat. It made me realise the aspects of moving away to University that I have missed, I would love to be surrounded by people I love 24/7 and have cute nights in like this on the regular! 

Make sure you come back to catch the final instalment of this little series of my trip to Edinburgh! Have you ever been shopping in Edinburgh? They have some incredible spots! Is Edinburgh somewhere that's on your travel-to list?
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*This trip was paid for by Edinburgh Napier University. All opinions are completely honest & are my own.  

25 August 2015

Lifestyle | The Edinburgh Napier Experience - Day 1

You may have seen me hashtagging #EdNapierExp across my social media channels last week & be curious to what it was all about. Along with four other bloggers, I was invited to three days in Edinburgh to experience the Napier University & the city!

After a 5am wake-up call, a shaky, half-asleep eyeliner application and yawning whilst brushing my teeth, it was soon 7am and we were off in an executive mini bus for a three hour journey to Edinburgh city. Now I have only been to Edinburgh once, I was around 10 years old and I visited the Zoo, so I was excited to see what the next three days had in store. We arrived at the Bainfield Accommodation to be greeted by Rachel & our photographer for the trip, Alan. Heading up to the top floor, our apartment was huge with several rooms, one for each of us as well as a open plan kitchen and living area. Our bedrooms were spacious, with a 3/4 bed, wardrobe space, desk and en-suite - fabulous!

After unpacking our stuff and some Irn-Bru (it wouldn't be Scotland without it!), we headed off to the Merchiston Campus which is home to the schools of both Engineering and Arts & Creative. We first had a tour of the Music area, showcasing the three different strands that you can do a degree in; Classical, Popular Music and Music Production. There were plenty of rehearsal rooms that are open 24 hours to students and recording studios with the most up-to-date technology. We were then off to Engineering where we were show the fascinating pieces of equipment that they hold, especially their 3D Printers - amazing to watch first hand! After a spot of lunch we headed up to the Media suites were we played around with the Green Screen and created a short introduction video of our experience.

We were getting a little bit peckish so after a bit of a refreshment back in the accommodation, Dominoes was delivered to the door for us to gouge out on. Cookies included! On the cards for us tonight was a Comedy Show at the Fringe Festival which is a huuuuuge comedy festival that takes places in Edinburgh for a month every year. The whole town was buzzing and it was great to see that it brings so much life to the area (not that it needs it!). We were lucky enough to see Joe Lycett who has had regular appearances on 8 Out of 10 Cats and he was brilliant - just the type of humour I like! I would definitely love to visit Edinburgh next year and squeeze as many shows in as I possibly could! Afterwards we headed off into town where the atmosphere was electric and we found ourselves in the cutest little pop up beer garden all lit with twinkly lights - a magical end to the night!

Make sure you come back to catch the next instalment of this little series of my trip to Edinburgh! Have you been to Edinburgh Fringe or would like to go someday? Is Edinburgh somewhere that's on your travel-to list?

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*This trip was paid for by Edinburgh Napier University. All opinions are completely honest & are my own.

23 August 2015

OOTD | Pink Gingham in Edinburgh

We were rather lucky in Edinburgh to be blessed with beautiful (alas, a little bit windy) sunny weather. It meant that I could snap up some pictures of one of my all time favourite dresses...

Straight to the point - another smock dress. Cute & cosy, that's how I like it. As we had a chock-a-block itinerary throughout our entire Edinburgh trip (which will be blogged about soon!) I made sure I packed pieces that are both comfortable enough to move around in, but still pretty enough to strut about in. I knew this Motel Rocks Pink Gingham dress (similar here) just had to come with me. The shape makes for easy movement and you can eat as much as you want without it showing through your clothes (and boy did I). I paired it with my new white ASOS bag & beloved Bow Sandals and shot some milkmaid braids in my hair to tie the look together.

Let me know in the comments whether you are a fan of smock dresses - I do know that they are not for everyone! I'm really loving shooting outfit posts again so can't wait to roll some more out for you! Are you a lover of the gingham print?

& just a little side note, I was featured on the River Island Blog as part of their Style Insider, go take a peek here!
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