4 March 2015

Beauty | More Topshop Beauty Bits

After being able to try some Topshop Beauty products for the first time, I decided on a whim to pick a few bits up in store and I was surprisingly drawn to nail varnishes...

If you have been a long term reader of Thumbelina Lillie, then you will realise that nails aren't something I feature often. I am an absolute novice when it comes to painting my talons (or lack there of!) and paint my nails once a month, if that. Call myself a 'beauty blogger' ey? I've hunted high and low for neutral shades that suit my skin tone and I think I have found two that do just that. The first comes from their original line and that is Mannequin (£5), a warm nude with a hint of peach. It looks chic on the nails and dries super quickly and opaque in two coats. I can feel myself wearing this an awful lot as it seems to go with everything. The second is a bit more something and is Sixteen Candles (£6) from the Matte Metallic range. It is a stunning peachy pink and the finish is heart-eye-emoji worthy; It dries matte yet still has a metallic sheen when it hits the right light. The Topshop Nail Varnishes last a few days before chipping on me too, which is always warmly appreciated. 

Face products like foundation etc. are something that I don't tend to switch up often. I kind of find what I like and what works best for me and stick to that without straying to far due to a fear of oxidising products making me look ol' tangerine-esque. So much so that I sit here still surprised that I actually picked up the BB Cream in Light (£10). With an SPF of 20 this claims to 'hydrate, perfect and enhance' - we'll soon see, yes? I am still seeking something with more of a lightweight feel compared to my regular foundations, so if this fits that bill I'll be a very happy lady indeed. Let me know if you'd like to see my thoughts on this when I do try it out. 

So have you tried any of the nail varnishes from Topshop? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below; I think that I'm certainly going to pick up a few more of the matte shades. If you have any products to recommend to me from Topshop, do reveal that too! Thanks for reading! 

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2 March 2015

Beauty | The North East Makeup Academy

I am certainly no make-up artist and have learnt all that I know through trial and error and watching copious YouTube tutorials. So when the North East Makeup Academy invited me along to one of their Make-up Master Classes I jumped at the chance to go learn some new things...

Located in Stockton Business Centre, the NEMUA delivers quality teachings of make-up artistry whether being professional certificates or workshops for beginners. Although fairly small, the room it is situated in is brilliantly setup, with a large mirror covering two walls with spotlight bulbs and seats.  All 10 of us at the Master Class Part 1 had our own 12-piece brush set and shared a Naked palette between two. All the other products that we would be using were centred on a table in the middle of the room and was a little make-up haven, I spotted a lot of MAC and NYX products amongst the lot.

The four hour class aims to teach the basics of creating an everyday look whilst learning about application and tips of the trade. After a standard 3-step skincare process, Lisa discussed the importance of matching a primer to your skin type and further developed how to identify your skin undertone and what bases will work best for our skin. I was matched to a darker shade of MAC's Studio Sculpt than I would usually wear, but I feel that it worked okay. One tip that I did learn is to use a warm tone under eye concealer to mask dark circles, I actually wasn't aware that even though I am cool toned, warm tones are best for that kinda thing! After the face, Lisa spoke about eye shapes and we began a simple 3 step eyeshadow look using the Naked palette (the only one I don't have!). We then used a gel liner to create a flick liner and added some lashes for drama. We used some NYX lipsticks (of which I'm definitely going to pick up!) and gloss to tie the whole look together.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Master Class, the teachings and assisting was brilliant and it was a really fun atmosphere ('ello, Bucks Fizz!). I think I may book myself onto the Master Class 2 which delves more into contouring and something a bit more advanced. A huge thank you to everyone at NEMUA for making the morning so lovely and I would hope to work with them again in the future and see the business grow! Let me know your thoughts on a class like this and whether it is something that you would be interested in. You can find NEMUA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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28 February 2015

Advertising | Meet My February '14 Advertisers!

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26 February 2015

Skincare | The Cult Pixi Glow Tonic

It's no secret that the Pixi Glow Tonic is one of the most well-loved toners out there, with people queuing up to stock up on the orange-soda looking liquid. Let's see if it's as good as people say...

So the Pixi Glow Tonic is not as inaccessible as it used to be, despite their London store you can pick it up on the Pixi Website and the Liberty Website. So it is essentially a toning liquid, meant to not only exfoliate and remove dead skin cells but to brighten and add glow to the skin too. There is no alcohol present so you don't go through any awkward stinging sensations and instead contains aloe vera which is a lot more gentle on the skin. Such gentle ingredients mean that it is okay to use for sensitive skin too, as if something is too harsh, my skin is the first to know about it! This really surprised me as I totally expected something like this to sting, so a really pleasant surprise indeed.

When I first started using this I actually thought it had caused an irritation on my skin so I stopped using it for a while. However, the irritation persisted so I knew that it wasn't this so I decided to give it another try right at the beginning of 2015. I have been saturating a single cotton pad with on a night and swiping across my skin in outward motions after I have cleansed. Although it is not the type of product where you see a difference immediately (what products do that really?) after using it for a  couple of weeks consecutively now I have definitely noticed a certain brightness to my skin. I am not certain if this product is supposed to help with blemishes and evening out skin tone too, but I also feel that this is assisting in that as well. Did I mention this smells like a dream too? Bonus points given!

So the cult beauty must-have gets a thumbs up for me after some initial trials and tribulations. Let me know in the comments below whether you have tried the famous Pixi Glow Tonic and what your thoughts on it are? Thumbs up? Or thumbs down? Thanks for reading!

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