23 October 2014

YouTube | Recently Watching... #1

I am obsessed with YouTube, and have been for quite sometime now. I watch videos whilst I'm getting ready on a morning, on an evening when I come in, when I'm taking my makeup off and sometimes when I'm in the bath too! I thought today I'd share with you four lovely ladies who all have brilliant channels that I've been hooked on recently...

Becca Rose has been a lady that makes me literally belly laugh when I watch her videos. She combines her humour in with a passion for make-up and fashion to make videos that are just brilliant. She seems like one of the most 'real-est' person there is on YouTube and she's a pleasure to watch. Lucy (Dinosaur Dances) is a fellow North East blogger who has ventured into the world of YT, and boy, is she good at it! Lucy has amazing make-up skills and a personality that warms my heart. She deserves so many more subscribers as her content is amazing! Can we all just take a minute to gasp at Corrie (Dizzy Brunette) and her hair?! Gorgeous! Corrie's bubbly personality shines through her videos and makes me want to be BFF's with her. She also makes me add endless products to my wishlist, especially those rollers... Finally, comes Faye (Faye's Fix) who I met at the Cosmo Blog Awards and she is so adorable! She brightens my day with her smile and videos to make me giggle (check out the ones with her Dad!). If you need a little bit of cheering up, Faye is bound to make you grin from ear to ear!

So that's who I've been watching on the ol 'Tube recently, make sure you give them a little watch and subscribe if you like what you see! Who are you loving on YouTube recently? Recommend me some of your favourites! Thank you for reading!

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21 October 2014


A lot of the time I like to Instagram what I'm wearing, whether it just be to go to University or for a night out. Today I'm sharing four of my favourite outfits that I've posted on my Instagram recently. The first featuring a new found love for Tulle Skirts. This one is actually an old-piece from Pretty Twisted, but you can find similar ones all around the high-street. I really want to buy so many skirts/dresses of this style, I've fallen in love with them after wearing my Betsey Johnson x UO dress for the Cosmo Awards! The second outfit is one of my favourite outfits ever. This beautiful two-piece Short Suit (in the sale!) from Missguided got so many compliments the night that I wore it - I didn't want to take it off! It totally reminds me of a Clueless throwback and I definitely feel a bit like Cher Horowitz sassing about in this! The third is a piece that I was debating whether or not to keep, as it is waaaaay out of my comfort zone; Yet people on Instagram seemed to absolutely love it, so this Motel Rocks Unitard (in the sale too!) is staying with me for good. The last is an outfit I threw on for University the other week and it's a rare occasion where I wear jeans! I paired them with my amazing ASOS Unicorn Jumper and River Island Chunky Boots which are a match made in heaven. 

So that's a little round up of what I've been wearing recently - let me know which outfits you like in the comments! If you're interested you can go ahead and follow me over on Instagram - I'm posting all the time! Thanks for reading!

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19 October 2014

Beauty | London Luxury Beauty Haul

A couple of weeks ago when I ventured down to London for a few days, I ended up shopping in the 'Mothership'; A.K.A. Selfridges. I hadn't been to Selfridges for about four years and now that I've been positively obsessed with make-up for the past three, I thought that it was about time that I set my sights on their Beauty Hall. It's fair to say that I was more than impressed and spent a good hour in there ogling all the lipsticks, eyeshadows and general make-up goodness. I came out with three things and I am super happy with my purchases.

The first stop was the Giorgio Armani counter for their well-known and well-loved Luminous Silk Foundation (£35.50). I've lusted after this for the longest time but I've wanted to get shade matched so that I didn't waste any pennies on the wrong shade. The gentleman who shade matched me was super lovely and didn't force me on to trying anything else - just the type of service I like on makeup counters. Whilst sitting getting matched, I spied the Charlotte Tilbury counter sitting there in all it's glory and I knew that was my next stop. I was desperate to get my hands on one of her Luxury Palettes (£38) and after swatching and debating, I opted for The Dolce Vita due to how sultry and stunning the shades are. My last stop was the NARS counter, where unfortunately the girl did not seem interested at all. A moody face and attitude, tut-tut. I asked to get shade matched to their Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22) as every beauty-lover and their dog raves about it. Boy, is that stuff creamy!

There's a little round-up of what luxurious items I picked up on my latest London venture. Let me know if you would like any in-depth reviews of the products once I've had a little play with them. What luxury products are you after? It's nice to spoil yourselves sometimes! Let me know in the comments, thanks for reading!

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17 October 2014

BLOGGING | 10 Things people don't realise about blogging

1 | It can be a 24/7 job. My mind is forever ticking over, even when I'm not physically sat down blogging.
2 | Taking pretty, cute photos is only the beginning; the hard work comes after.
3 | We don't accept everything we're offered. Although some of us may seem like we get tons of freebies thrown at us all the time, we don't accept everything as a lot of stuff won't 'fit' within our blog genre.
4 | Speaking of freebies, everything isn't handed to us on a plate. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work, dedication, time and determination to get somewhere in this profession.
5 | We aren't just 'bloggers'. We're writers, photographers, social media co-ordinators, editors, personal assistants, sometimes technicians (I wish) and the occasional accountants.
6 | Blogging is definitely not the most glamorous job. Most of my time is spent on my bed in my onesie.
7 | We DO pay for stuff ourselves! PR Samples and Gifts only account for a small amount of products we feature on our blogs, we like to shop as much as the next person (possibly a bit more if I'm honest!).
8 | Yes we have internet friends, and yes, we love them! Sometimes meeting people on the internet is a bit hard to understand for some, but the blogging community are top notch people.
9 | We're not all vain. Yes, we post numerous pictures of our faces or outfits all over our social media, but this certainly doesn't mean we're vain. In fact, you'll find that we have insecurities just as much as the next person.
10 | Blogging can become a full time job with a good income. I know a fair few of people who have worked their way up to this stage, and that's what I would like to do. What's better than doing something you love for a living?

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