1 April 2015

Lifestyle | 10 Things For A Brighter Spring

Pinch, punch, first of the month! I probably should be telling you some kind of April Fools joke right now but instead I'll hit you with some little tips and tricks to make your Spring a brighter one...

1 | Start the day by getting up early so you can be super productive.
2 | Hydrate up! Lots of glasses of water to keep the brain refreshed.
3 | Take a walk - Regular breaths of fresh air will help clear your mind.
4 | Buy a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up your surroundings.
5 | Make a Spring playlist on Spotify with music to lift your mood!
6 | Spring clean your room, de-clutter all that tat for a fresh start.
7 | Spring clean your wardrobe! It's time to pull out more florals and put away the knits.
8 | Make plans and see friends - nothing better than being in good company.
9 | CREATE! Start something new, whether it be a sport or something crafty.
10 | Smile. If you wake up smiling I guarantee you, your day will continue being bright.

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30 March 2015

Advertising | Meet My March '14 Advertisers!

Hello! *waving emoji* I’m Rhianna, I’m a 21 year old Product Design student, life enthusiast and pro tea drinker from up north in Leeds. I started robowecop.com as a hobby to keep me sane during a work placement year (and now my final year of University) and have since fallen in love with blogging. It is actually turning 1 at the end of April. On my blog you'll find everything from beauty reviews to healthy recipes, mental health posts to life tips and makeup tutorials to personal updates. I don't have a strict posting schedule but tend to post around 4 times a week. I also have a YouTube channel, which I'm going to be posting on again now I've finished my dissertation! I'd love to make some more blogging friends so come on down and let's have a party!
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Hi! We are Lauren and Gabriella Cooper the sisters behind jewellery brand Arrow and Lustre. We sell handmade jewellery with ethnic influences. We get inspiration for our jewellery travelling around the world and visiting our holiday home in Turkey. If you are visiting us from this blog please use the code THUMBELINALILLIE20 to get an exclusive 20% off discount on all stock. Enjoy!
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Aloha all you lovely people! My name is Brenda - I’m a thirty years young and you can find me over at Brenda BusyBee. I blog mainly about beauty but there is occasionally lifestyle and fashion thrown in for good measure. I started Brenda BusyBee because I felt I needed a creative outlet to express myself and share my loves. I wanted to tell people about products that I was discovering and my experience with it and thus Brenda BusyBee was born! Plus, you get to meet so many wonderful people that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to met so come on over and introduce yourself!
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28 March 2015

Fashion | Walking the Red Carpet with New Look

Being sat in a pub in-between University lectures I did not expect to receive such an exciting message. The next morning I was heading to London to walk the red carpet at a film premiere...

So the lovely ladies at New Look (Hey Poppy & Sarah!) invited me down to be dressed by them and then walk the red carpet at the Insurgent premiere earlier this month. My jaw literally dropped to the ground as things like this don't happen to a 5 foot gal from the North East. I hadn't seen Divergent at this point so I invited my other half over to indulge in the first of the films so I knew what to expect and could follow the story. I honestly loved it, which made me so excited to be one of the first people in the world (Yup, it was a world premiere) to see it on the big screen. So I headed down to the flagship New Look store and picked out this little number, all of which came under £100 - accessories included!

To see the stars (including the host, vlogger Jim Chapman) only metres away from us was just crazy. Theo James is a mega hunk ladies. Meg-a. The whole vibe of the premiere was just insane and I felt so grateful to be there amongst a lot of famous faces, including lots of Gleam YouTubers. I feel like red-carpet doesn't always have to be the poshest frock you can find, there are some great alternatives on the high-street. It's all about how you wear it, for example, I decided to wear the coat on my shoulders, which adds a whole new chic vibe to the outfit. 

A huge thank you again (I can't say it enough!) to the people at New Look for inviting me, it's definitely going to be an experience I'll treasure forever. Let me know your thoughts on my outfit and if you've seen the new Insurgent film! Talk about action! Thanks for reading.
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26 March 2015

Event | The Psyche Website Launch

The Teesside born-and-bred clothing business sensation has just taken it's next step in the world of e-commerce by launching it's snazzy new website. Lets see what happened on it's launch night...

When I got invited to the #PsycheLaunch I was so excited; I love a good ol' event and when it's something originating in the heart of Middlesbrough that makes me even more excited. Psyche have a stunning three-story building housing over 150 of the most stylish brands available, including Ted Baker, Barbour an Levis to name only a few. With over 500 guests entering the building (I did not expect the scale to be so large) the night was a hit, with bubbly at hand, canap├ęs to nibble on, a stunning fashion show and a raffle, no expense had been spared to make this a hit. It was great to see that all the proceeds made that night were going to a local heart charity too.

The main focus of the night was to celebrate the launch of the new website Psyche.co.uk which has been in collaboration with the fabulous, award winning e-Commerce company Visualsoft. The fully responsive website has numerous features to make the online shopping experience a unique one, and it ships worldwide so that it's customers aren't limited to that of the North East. The fashion show we were granted with was stunning, showing the new and upcoming trends and garments for SS15 - I particularly was googly-eying up this Forever Unique Evening Gown - stunning! I have to say the dog was the star of the show too!

Let me know whether you pay a visit to the Psyche website, it has some really cool features on there. Are there any businesses from your local area that you're proud of? Psyche is beginning to thrive in terms of putting fashion on the map in Middlesbrough!
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