9 September 2016

Beauty | Three More From theBalm

theBalm Mad Lash mascara, Balm Beach blusher and Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks.
theBalm Mad Lash mascara, Balm Beach blusher and Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks.
theBalm Mad Lash mascara, Balm Beach blusher and Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks.
You know the deal by now, theBalm products never fail to satisfy my makeup needs. I've featured them here, here and here. I just love 'em.

So why not give you three more of their products for you to take a whirl of? Their extensive range of makeup seems to keep on growing and getting better, it's definitely not a failing brand as the products still seem to impress me. So, let's start with their mascara, Mad Lash (£15) to be exact. Usually, a curved wand never really does much to my lashes, yet this product aims to achieve a super curled, super fluttery look. With one application, the product can create length and separation, which is ideal for your daily working day. However, whack another layer on top of that and it's a boost of volume and fullness. But be careful, it can get a little bit messy on the lid, have your cotton buds at the ready!

For all those paler gals out there, the Balm Beach Blush (£15.50) may be your best new companion. When I first opened up this little flip lid, my instant thought was 'well, that's not much of a shade'. But, oh. OH. It is. If you are a fan of a good ol' smokey eye or a super bold lip, and always find that blush can be too much - this is the one for you. The warm, neutral shade is soft on the skin, adding the subtlest flush to the cheeks without going all Aunt Sally on yo ass.

Finally, we have the super trend of 2016, the liquid lipstick. I think every brand and their dog has brought out their version of the double L this year, as that is all our little beauty heart's desire. The Meet Matt(e) Hughes (£13.50) collection has twelve shades, from your nudes to your brights - so certainly a shade to suit everyone. Upon first open, the first thing that I immediately noticed was the vanilla scent - it is insane, someone bag it up and put it in a reed diffuser! The product goes on easily, takes a little while to dry, but sticks around all day. Winner, winner, chicken dinner as we say up North.

Let me know in the comments whether theBalm is a brand that you have delved into? If so, what are your favourite products? My collection is becoming bigger and bigger!

Megan. xo

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