Indvidual False Eyelashes by Fleur de Force

False Individual Eyelashes by Fleur de Force

Individual False Eyelashes

The year of the false lash is upon us. No longer are we satisfied with our own basic, and often stubby, eyelashes – we want to fake it till we make it. But here is why I prefer individuals…

Simple Application | There is nothing worse than applying a set of false eyelashes and being stabbed right in the tear duct with the edge of a false lash strip. (I mean, why are they so sharp anyway?!). I am forever going from one side to the other trying to make the strip look like it is actually attached to my eyeball instead of my eye lid – it seems close to impossible for a klutz like me! Individual eyelashes are fuss free. Bit’ta glue, grab your tweezers, pop them on. Bob’s your Uncle.

Almost Invisible | Well, to you anyway. Does anyone else feel like that sometimes strip false eyelashes weigh down your entire eyelid? I often feel like opening my eyes can be a bit of a workout exercise when wearing them, and that when I close my eyes I am in complete pitch-black darkness due to their heavy nature. Not with these. After the glue dries I can’t feel a thing – Blinking doesn’t become a way to burn calories!

Fluttery Look | There is something about individual eyelashes that allow your eyes to look completely normal with an added flutter to them. Not completely normal, because that would defeat the point of wearing them now, wouldn’t it? Being so lightweight and often inconspicuous, I have been known to get asked, ‘Are those your real lashes?!‘. Muahahaha. Oh, how I have fooled them! They are simply the perfect and easiest way to dress up any makeup look where you do not want to go OTT.

Easy Removal | Although there is something super satisfying about taking strip lashes off (IT CAN’T JUST BE ME, RIGHT?), with very little force you can say goodbye to individuals with ease. I have had days where I have completely forgotten I had them on until I have seen them floating around in the sink – panicking because I thought clumps of my own were falling out! 

Side Note: Don’t be afraid if you see a spider crawling on your pillow the morning after, you have  probably just missed one like I always do…

So there you have it, a little love note on why I love wearing individual eyelashes so much. I wouldn’t say they are my port of call all the time, but if it is going to be a long day, I would rather not risk having a half-attached eyelash by the end of it! Let me know in the comments whether you are a strip, individual, or no false lash kinda person, I’d be really interested in knowing!

Megan. xo

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