Getting My Shit Together

Ok, so I read this book. & it made me realise just how much I need to sort my life/head out. So here’s what I’m gonna do…

STOP WHINGING, START DOING | The past six weeks, I have been such a miserable little git. Like a proper sod. I have literally sat, sulked and moaned about the XYZ things I want to change about my life. Where am I getting myself with that mindset? Bloody nowhere, I’ll tell you that for free. From now on, my life is going to be an (almost) whinge free zone. (Because, yes, I will still whinge when the McDonald’s Milkshake machine is broken!). I need to start putting things in place to do the things that I actually want to do in life. I have got so many things on my ‘To Do List’ that I want to do and achieve and it’s about time I started doing them.


SAY NO A LOT MORE | The number of times I say ‘yes’ just to people please and keep others happy rather than putting myself first has got to stop. I actually wrote a full blog post on the importance of saying no here and I should maybe go back and re-read it to embed it into my brain once again. I think it’s so much more liberating to say no to something and regain control of your life. It’s not that I want to say ‘no’ to everything, just to the things that I genuinely don’t want to do. Like eating super healthily, being someone’s skivvy or even saying no to the odd chicken nugget. (HAHA THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN).


PRIORITISE, NOT PROCRASTINATE | When did I become such a slacker? This isn’t like me at all! I used to be such a grafter and 2017 it’s like I’ve given myself a big chill pill (I’m practically horizontal RN) and am taking a couple of months off everything. It’s now time to pick myself back up and crack on with blogging. I need to take a leaf out of this Sarah Knight book and make a ‘Must Do’ out of my ‘To-Do’ list and prioritise things I must do to make me feel brighter, like write on this little ol’ blog of mine and also think about my future. Yano, that’s kinda important-ish.


STAND UP FOR MYSELF | Oh, this is a biggie. Too long have I been a doormat and let comments go over my head instead of standing up for myself. It’s time to puff out my own chest and fight my own battles. No longer will I hide in the shadows and let people oversee the decisions that I should be making or putting words in my mouth. I think it’s about time that I voice my opinion. It’s definitely going to be difficult, as I’m not one for saying exactly what I think, but to take the next step in my ‘personal development’, it needs to happen.


So, well, let’s see what happens eh?

Megan. xo