A blog post for the Marks and Spencer campaign #SpendItWell

Before I begin this blog post, it only feels natural to write a few words on the tragic attack in Manchester a few days ago. My heart goes out to all of those affected by what happened in one of our greatest cities, especially to those who have lost loved ones. My heart deeply thanks the emergency services present and anyone who offered their help during the event. It is you who make this country great. Let us all stand with Manchester, proud and united and not give in to terrorism. Love fiercer than they fight.

*This post is sponsored by Marks & Spencer, all opinions are my own*

As humans and especially as creatives, we like to set ourselves huge life goals. But, we get so focused we forget about the little things in life. Time to #SpendItWell.

Marks and Spencer did a little bit of research and discovered that we Brits currently don’t make enough out of everyday life. It’s sad to say that it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that! We’re a nation obsessed with achieving the larger things in life.

M&S found that a whopping 96% of us feel like we are spending our time on ‘autopilot’, that we say ‘yes’ around four times a day instead of saying ‘no’ and that 81% of us think it’s the smaller things in life that make a bigger difference but we don’t make enough time for them.

On Make It Matter Day on the 1st June (yes, that’s soon!), the guys at M&S are setting out on a new venture to change our way of thinking and help us inspire a switch up in our routine.

It’s time to take a look at ourselves, our routines and make subtle changes to incur a bigger difference in our normal, everyday life.

M&S want us to #SpendItWell.

Unsure of what #SpendItWell means? Lemme give you some inspiration.

So spending it well means celebrating small victories and making time for the every day smaller things in life. Such as…

– Using that expensive moisturiser every damn day.
– Watching that extra episode on Netflix because you deserve that relaxing time.
– Making the time to prepare a warm, hearty meal for tea with a loved one.
– Taking 15 minutes out of your evening to call someone for a catch-up.

Although they definitely don’t seem like the biggest tasks to undertake, the feelings we often get from the tiniest of things can move mountains. I think a massive movement in 2017 is people attempting to take more time to self-care and this campaign reflects on that perfectly.

We live in a community of social media mavens who (although absolutely bossing it in their field) can often fill our heads with huge dreams with a scroll of an Instagram feed.

Of course, it is amazing to have those dreams to travel to x, y, and z and to drop your day job to follow your passions. Heck, I wish I could do both. But sometimes we get so consumed by our goals that our vision becomes blindsided and we forget about the little things.

Whilst we grind our way to the top to achieve those dreams (YES, YOU CAN!) we need to still remain mindful and celebrate our everyday wins and spend our time well. Don’t feel guilty about wearing your best clothes and don’t feel guilty about wearing your biggest knickers. Try your very hardest not to compare and look after number one, yes, that’s YOU!

If something doesn’t make you feel amazing, don’t do it.

If something doesn’t make you smile, say no.

If something doesn’t make you feel like you, get up and do something about it.

Take five minutes, take fifteen minutes, god dammit even take an hour if you need it. Take time (because, yes, we do have a lot of that!) to do the small things because they will amount up and boy, it will feel good.

Megan. xo