A blog post featuring a book haul.

A blog post featuring a book haul.

A blog post featuring a book haul.

A blog post featuring a book haul.

A blog post featuring a book haul.

A blog post featuring a book haul.

I do this thing every year where I buy a load of books and don’t read them for at least 18 months. But hey, here’s what books I have picked up recently…

I’m not really one to shop around for the cheapest book, I like to get all of mine in one place. So one Sunday evening, off to Amazon I went to type in a couple of recommendations. 

I have to give major shout out to Queen of Book Recommendations Lauren. As we have the same personality type (yes, that’s right), I pretty much know that anything she enjoys reading, I’ll probably enjoy too. So I had absolutely no qualms about purchasing some of these.

After reading ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’, I knew I had to buy ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck’. Granted, I’ve probably read them the wrong way round but hey-ho, breaking the rules. These books are super easy to read, and if you like to read for quite some time, you’ll easily fly through them. 

I feel like I read pieces of books like these and want to raise them in the air and scream ‘YAAAAS!’.

The second book I was desperate to pick up, was Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete: Growing up Online’. I know, I know, if I was that desperate I would have picked it up earlier but give a gal a break; I struggle to remember to eat someday let alone read. (That’s a lie.)

Anyway, I have loved Emma’s podcast ever since the first episode so I knew that I would love her book. I can’t wait to delve into this and listen to Emma’s story, as she has always told of other people’s!

And because of this, I had to obviously pick up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, which OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T READ IT EITHER. It’s like some sort of bible for creatives, isn’t it? Everyone says how much it can help get you out of a creative slump and see your true potential, well, that’s exactly what I need right now!

The last few were kind of random picks that I don’t know too much about. So lemme head on over to Amazon and tell you a bit about ’em that way.

Reasons to Stay Alive is essentially a memoir written by author Matt Haig, highlighting his struggle with depression through slight humour and wit. It talks about how he broke through his struggle and how he handled life through the worst of times.

Girl Up is a book by Laura Bates, which looks at the everyday sexism that women face. This book is aimed at a younger audience (hey, I like younger books) and looks at the messages on women’s images and behaviours, the ridiculousness of how the media portrays them and much more. I’m SUPER excited to read this one.

You Were Not Born to Suffer was very kindly gifted to me by some very lovely people. The author, Blake D Bauer, explains why many of the problems that we face in life are caused by hiding our true emotions – an interesting thought to say the least. Let’s see if I’ll nod my head and ‘realise’ a lot of stuff whilst reading this!

But where do I possibly start?! I know right? Let me know if you’ve read any of these and your thoughts on them – always interested to hear!

Megan. xo

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