Fragrance | The Spring Scent Switch Up with Fragrance Direct

A blog post about fragrances for Spring from Fragrance Direct

A blog post about fragrances for Spring from Fragrance Direct

A blog post about fragrances for Spring from Fragrance Direct

A blog post about fragrances for Spring from Fragrance Direct

*This post is sponsored by Fragrance Direct, all opinions are my own*

March 20th is the official first day of Spring! Can you see the blossom on the trees? Can you smell the lush greenery that’s starting to appear again?

Spring is probably my favourite season of them all. Everyone’s mood just seems that little bit brighter and there is no coming in from work to be greeted by the darkness straight away. An instant mood booster if you ask me! There’s nothing better than not having to wear your heaviest coat, getting to go out with bare legs (if you’re brave!) and switching up your beauty products to feel fresh and fabulous!

We’re waving goodbye to burgundy lips and dark eye shadows and swapping them for lighter shades and as we do, we often rotate our fragrances for something less, well, deep.

I’m a fan of floral and flirty fragrances all year around, that’s no secret. You will rarely catch me in something musky, but when Spring time rises, my favourite scents come to the forefront of my collection. Where is the best place to go for good value fragrances? Nowhere other than Fragrance Direct.

& this year, they’re mostly all pink and gold!

There is always a Marc Jacobs scent (or two!) within my stash. The bottles alone are enough to make you stop and stare in store and they make great drawer pieces. The new Daisy Dream Kiss is the scent for 2017 after a long line of Daisy adaptations, all of which I have loved and all a little bit different than the last.

This particular one is a super fruity concoction, with top notes of blackcurrant, grapefruit and pineapple – it’s a tropical dream. The bottle has such beautiful flowering detail, so much so that it is bound to stand out against your fragrance collection and be a conversation piece if you pull it out of your purse for a midday spritz at work.

If you usually opt for something more floral than fruit, Jimmy Choo’s Leau may be the one for you to try this season. The free-spirited scent is extra feminine and delicate, with notes of hibiscus flower, bergamot, nectarine and peony – it’s a real sweet whirlwind and is a pleasure to the senses.

The bottle is absolutely stunning and not too bulky so that it can fit inside your purse neatly. It’s definitely been my go-to on long days over the past few weeks, and so far it’s my favourite out of this bunch.

The third fragrance in the Love Story line by Chloe, is the new Eau Sensuelle. Bottled in this stunning ridged cube with delicate ribboning around the neck, it feels luxurious to touch. It’s a much more flirty fragrance than the previous two, with the main ingredient being orange blossom mixed with vanilla.

It’s super sweet so it’s definitely not going to be to everyone’s nose preference. But for the true girly girl who loves anything that makes them feel like a princess, this is the dream fragrance. Grown up, feminine and strong.

Finally, in such a unique bottle is the Bulgari Rose Goldea, which is another great handbag throw-in because of its unique and quaint shape. With a combination of rose and white musk, it’s slightly sexier than the others – yet still relevant for the time of year.

It’s the perfect scent for spring evenings when you want to feel a little bit more special, perhaps romantic, but don’t want something too overpowering. It’s not too sensual making it ideal for Spring evenings out.

It’s time to rotate your collection and maybe treat yourself to something new for 2017. Tell me, what’s your spring scent?

Megan. xo

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