Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Oil

My skincare always seems quite simple. But if there’s one thing that I just can’t deny my skin, it’s a facial oil…

I remember when I was told by someone or other (who knows?) that oils would just make my skin oily. As someone who was rather new to the whole skincare thing and was still using face wipes (the horror!), I believed it. I then purchased the Trilogy Rosehip Oil after hearing so many rave reviews and that sent me on an oil-loving hype that just hasn’t stopped. I mean, if I could bathe my entire body in Sunday Riley’s Luna (review here) I totally would, my body would come out as a smurf but the day after I’d be like some Greek Goddess. How can I make this a reality, please?!

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Today’s post brings to light one of the newer oils to my collection (because I actually have a collection) that’s rather impressed my little face. A huge thank you to Pestle & Mortar for calling this oil Superstar because oh, do I feel like a superstar when I wake up in the morning after using this. You see, we’re getting into that time of year where our lips chap easier and our skin feels a bit drier, so any boost of hydration in whatever form is a big yes from me! I think if you’re going to spend a bit more money on any part of your skincare routine, my recommendation would be to purchase an oil – they are so worth it.

Superstar is essentially a retinol oil, which to you and me means something to prevent the signs of anti-aging. I can hear you thinking, ‘but Megan, you’re in your early 20’s!’ but hey! It’s never too early to prevent wrinkles, is it? The tip with retinol is to use it sparingly, not too much and not too often, otherwise it can cause inflammation of the skin, but the positives are bloody wonderful. After using a pea-sized amount in the evening, my skin feels and looks plumper and more ‘awake’ the next morning, rather than looking dreary and gray. It adds a glowing element to the skin that allows you to get radiance from a bottle. I tend to use this three nights a week as to not overload the skin, and I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my skin tone, it’s so much more even and firmer, an absolute treat to have in my routine! The product is also supposed to work on refining the pores and although I haven’t seen much an improvement in that, I’ll keep using the product just incase I do!

Are you a lover of oils? Because I want to own them all! Recommend me your favourites in the comments…

Megan. xo

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