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October 7, 2016

Bamboo Spark by Wacom

Bamboo Spark by Wacom

Bamboo Spark by Wacom

– This post is sponsored by Wacom –

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for writing. A need to get my thoughts out of my head, and onto something else…

I had many a notebook/diary when I was growing up. I remember writing many different things in them. I remember putting a fluffy pen to a Groovy Chick notebook and jotting down my own song lyrics that I had made up about boys in my class, or anything that popped into my head. I even remember writing books onto paper by re-wording their sentences to reinvent them. This was me aged ten, by the way. I suppose I never really had the mind of an author, I had a decent level of an imagination but nothing close enough to something that could allow me to create a whole world in my mind. I just loved to write. To put pen to paper and make shapes that constructed words that made sentences. I loved it all.

That feeling is the same feeling I still get now when I write, but as everybody knows, technology has gotten the better of us and now my hands are used, more often than not, to type on a keyboard than to grasp a pen. But I’m not for one to hold on to the past, we’re millennials, adapters to change by accepting everything new and different that’s thrown at us. There are always new and exciting technologies that help us advance and let us experience things differently.

Due to my now busy life of working Monday to Friday and off galavanting somewhere or other on a weekend, anything that helps me to blog on the go is classed as a bonus for me. I’m forever that person who will write stuff down on post-it notes at work to remember to do stuff when I’m home, only to leave them at work. Or to write down notes on my hand for a quick reminder and only remember they are there just before I’m about to snooze. So something to get me a little more organised which I can’t forget? Yes please!

The Bamboo Spark by Wacom (£79) helps you reconnect that love of writing pen to paper. Whether it’s some notes for a blog post whilst your out and about (like these I wrote from The Alchemist – coming soon!), or a list of things to do over the next few weeks. The Bamboo Spark lets you write now, and sync it later. By hooking it up via Bluetooth you can send all your written notes, to your phone so you have them digitally saved. I love to use this when I’m brainstorming for future post ideas, I recently sat with my entire makeup collection in front of me, and my notebook at my side, writing any ideas of inspiration that pop into my head. It’s the perfect little partner for an avid note-taker, a budding student or an entrepreneur who has a constant flow of ideas and needs to get them out…


Megan. xo

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