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Lifestyle | How I edit my Instagram photos

January 17, 2015

Instagram is one of my favourite social media and photography apps and I know so many people who say that it is theirs too. I could scroll and search for hours looking at beautiful photos of everything imaginable (like takeaways & dogs) and it can be a huge source of inspiration for blog posts, or everyday life in general. Today I thought I’d share with you how I edit my Instagram photos and show you a alternative app and techniques that I use!

When it comes to choosing the photo, I like to use blog photos taken on my Canon 700D or photos taken clearly on my iPhone in square mode so that it is Insta-ready. I prefer to use bright and plain backgrounds so that the main focus is highlighted and I occasionally like to add pretty things composed around the subject (like above). I personally prefer my photographs to look airy and bright as it’s just what I like and find pretty to look at so to edit I firstly use Afterlight (£0.79). I first adjust the brightness quite a lot and then use the ‘Magnolia’ filter in ‘Seasons’ and tone that down to around 25/30. This gives a subtle soft focus feel to the photo that I really love. I then open the photograph in Instagram and clarify it to around 10 and if the brightness needs adjusting anymore I’ll slightly adjust it to around 15/20. And voila, that’s that! Big, bright and beaaaaaautiful.

So that’s a little insight in how I edit my photographs ready for Instagram. If you’re not already you can go ahead and follow me here. Let me know in the comments what apps you like to use for Instagram photos and let me know who your favourite Instagram accounts are. Thanks for reading!

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