4 Things Bloggers Should Start Doing

In blogging we are constantly thrown rules and regulations that we are told we should follow. But here are a couple of light hearted things that bloggers can do to feel a little bit happier…

1 | Appreciate Yourself – One of the hardest things in blogging is the whole game of comparing yourselves to others, it seems to just happen naturally. We are always looking at other blogs, wishing we had their talent at photography, or a layout like theirs or even the same dress sense. We seem to never be content with being just ‘us’. But now it’s time to hold your own head up high, toot on your own trumpet and enjoy you. Nobody else is like you and you should be overjoyed at the thought of that. You have your own, unique way of doing things so concentrate on you, instead of others.

2 | Take it Easy – Is this photo going to fit with my Instagram theme? What will people think if I posted this out instead of that? Girl. Chill. I think now that bloggers are making a whole business of themselves, it is too easy to overthink each and every little detail. You do you, and let others do them. I am sure that someone won’t ‘unfollow’ you from a platform because you have posted a picture that doesn’t fit in with your theme, that’s it, if you have one. I mean, we’re all adults here, aren’t we?

3 | Be nice! – I get it. Not everyone is going to like everyone and that is just life, but if you can’t be kind, try be a little bit quiet at least. If you don’t like someone, try not to voice your negative opinions on Twitter. If you are really offended by something that someone has posted, or the way they have acted towards someone else, message them and act on it responsibly. Also, if people are mid-argument on Twitter, don’t add fuel to the fire. If you weren’t involved from the start, then you don’t need to jump on the bandwagon for a few retweets. I feel like I am in the school playground on Twitter sometimes…

4 | Keep it original – This has happened to me as much as I know that it has happened to others. Keep your content exactly that, yours. I have had content stolen or copied ideas a few times now and it is definitely disheartening to see. I completely get that you can read a post that makes your eyes open and think ‘YES!’ but take inspiration from it, don’t just copy it. Imagine if you had worked hours on a post, all the way from creating the idea, to photographing it, to typing it up and hitting publish. Then imagine someone taking that idea and calling it his or her own – not okay, right? Find your own niche; find your own talents and relish in just that. 

Let me know your thoughts on what you would like to see in this blogging community? I just want to try and make the whole place that little bit more positive and happier. What are your bad habit that you want to try and stop?

Megan. xo

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