Bohemian Clothing, Accessories & Home; we aim to offer something for all your needs~ offering alternative fashion lines, accessories, jewellery & select home ware, to help create a bohemian you and to bring elements to your surroundings. The inspiration for Saint Boutique developed from a lot of different aspects, mainly the people who surround us; their passion & integrity provides inspiration indefinitely. We all have many sectors in life that churn creativity, Saint Boutique take a great deal of inspiration from nature; the ability to grow freely and explore. We stock from various countries including Thailand, Bali, India, we use Fair-trade stockists as well as local artists and creatives- nothing like a creative community. 


the hidden power believed to control future events; fate.

“she believed in her destiny”

For the hippie, wild child, magical beings out here that don’t quite follow suit. 

Bohemian meets Boutique.

Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Shop. Facebook. is a shop with vintage Burberry trench coats which we started a couple of months ago (Ocotober 2015). We’re buying old 80’s-90’s Burberry trench coats, which are well known for their top quality and timeless models, and give them a somewhat modern look by shorten them and cleaning them up and repairing whatever is necessary.  The fabric we get from shorting the coat is used for a new belt (those are sometimes damaged or missing). We also use the lining from that fabric on the collar which looks fantastic when collar is turned up. Every coat we sell is a unique example and we’re constantly searching for some special trench coats. We currently have over 50 different coats in our collection, men and women, and our most special trench coats at the moment are a pink and red trench coat, be sure to check them out!


I’m Tiffany, a beauty lover, occasional globetrotter and unashamed foodie. Tiffany Tales is a creative outlet for my addiction to buying lovely things and visiting beautiful places. On my blog you’ll find a mixture of beauty and fashion – from high end to high street. But there will always be a couple of lifestyle posts chucked in for good measure! This month I’d have officially been blogging for a year, and I can honestly say that starting Tiffany Tales is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love sharing content that I hope inspires you and just maybe makes you come back for more. So anyway, that’s quite enough about me and I hope to see you over on Tiffany Tales soon!

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Hi I’m Beky and I write over at – a Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle blog where I ramble about my new favourite lipsticks and the prettiest shimmery eye shadows I can get my hands on! I also write about my fitness updates, tips on how I stay motivated and take you along on my day trips out to blogger events! I was recently awarded ‘Best Beauty Blog 2015’ with Next and cannot wait for bigger and better things to come along for BekyLou in 2016! 

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Hello! I’m Amanda from My blog is a space where I document my family, life, adventures, things I love and everything in between. I was born in Australia and I moved to the UK in 2014 to be with my boyfriend after being in a long-distance relationship for 4.5 years. We have just had our first baby, our precious boy Elijah and we are enjoying every moment with him. 

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Megan. xo

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