Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine McRae and I’m a 19 year old UK beauty and fashion blogger. I believe that all things in life have beauty, happiness & purity within them, and that the meaning of life is to love & to be happy. My blog focuses mainly on beauty products, hauls, ootd posts, and also features videos from my YouTube channel. I love drugstore beauty as well as the old faithful MAC, NARS and Illamasqua products, so you can find a pretty good range of reviews on my blog. My style changes a fair bit, but I’ve recently embraced a grungy style because I feel so comfortable & I find it flatters me well, so definitely check out my ootd posts if that will interest you! Having lived in Australia for 3 years, I incorporate different styles from both the UK & Australia, and review products from both places. I started my blog, initially, to make friends & reach out to people who were equally interested in the beauty/fashion world, so far I’ve met some truly amazing people. My followers have been growing & growing, and it’s so incredible to see that people are taking an interest in my ramblings! But, in any case, I’m grateful & humbled by your comments, likes & shares! I’m all about spreading the love & being kind to one another (hippy vibes), so I always make a point of being available to chat. Send me a message or stick a comment somewhere & I’ll always reply or be happy to talk! Peace & love beautiful people! Xxx

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Hello there! I’m Kelly, from Daydreams & Daisychains. A self-confessed shopaholic, my little piece of the internet shares my favourite outfits, beauty products and everything else in-between! Over on my blog, you can find everything from that-must-have-nail-polish review, how I style some modern trends right down to how I deal with my Anxiety. I’m a 21 year old blogger, currently training to become a Primary School Teacher in the South West of England. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I still love receiving every page view and comment that I do! Oh, and I am way to in love with my pet cat (yes, we have a crazy cat lady here!). Thanks for reading, I’d love it if you could come and visit me!

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Laura Jade is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that I write in my spare time. I mostly write about my style, beauty product reviews, hauls and occasionally the odd day out. I created my blog in 2013 as a way of combining my love for fashion, beauty and photography and in the process fell in love with writing. I currently post once a week but this varies depending on my work schedule. I’d love it if you would check out my blog. Give me a follow and let me know what you think!
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Hey guys, I’m Laura and I blog over at Love & Liquor. On my blog you will find me swooning over neutral eyeshadow palettes, expressing my love of lipsticks and divulging in girly gossip. If you decide to pop by Love and Liquor, you will find lots of posts, from hauls to reviews, wishlists to outfits. I love to find out more about my readers, and write about things they are going to enjoy. So head on over to my blog to read all about the products I’m loving, the clothes I’m wearing & the cocktails I’m sipping. See you there!

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