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November 23, 2015

Sorefix Coldsore Cream

Sorefix Coldsore Cream

Whittard White Hot Chocolate

Rimmel Starry Eyed Lipstick

Okay. It’s snowed now. It is officially winter. As the months get colder, it does take it’s toll on many aspects of our life. So here’s some things to keep you feeling good this Winter…

Lots of Chocolate | There is no time better for lots of chocolate consuming than in the winter. There is something so comforting about warming yourself up with a hot chocolate with a side of chocolate – yeah that’s right, chocolate double time baby! I always take my hot chocolates one step further when it’s closer to Christmas, playing with flavours, adding lots of marshmallows and cream, even the odd sprinkle if I’m feeling up to it! It’s bound to make you feel good.

Lots of Me Time | The dark nights are rolling in which makes me want to grab blankets, roll up like a sausage roll and watch copious amounts of Netflix. Okay, I totally should be concentrating on my dissertation but there’s so many series’ to watch and so little time! It’s so important to have time to yourself and in Winter I seem to have a lot more time to do so and I have no shame! Pop that warm bath on, add in a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar and wham, bam, thank you mam, you are sorted!

Lots of Looking Good! | What way is better to help you feel good than looking good!! Looking after yourself and your skin will make you 100% feel better. Hands are known to get awfully chapped in the winter, so make sure you’re using lots of hand cream to ensure they remain soft! As far as my lips go in Winter, I seem to get an abundance of coldsores thanks to my heritage (cheers guys!) so I’m always looking for ways to prevent them and Sorefix (available online, you can get a FREE sample!) does just that. It helps not only get rid of coldsores quicker, but prevent them in the future too – PERFECT! 

There’s three simple steps to take this winter to help you to feel good, have no shame in LOOKING good either! There’s nothing wrong than wanting to look after yourself! Everyone take care of themselves this Winter, let me know your steps to feel good, I’d love to know…

Megan. xo

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