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Beauty | A Week of Charlotte Tilbury – Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita

November 14, 2014

When I picked up the Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita in Selfridges at the beginning of last month I kept on looking at it and thinking ‘this isn’t going to suit me at all’ purely because of the burgundy undertone in the top-right shade. I must have spent at least 10 minutes staring at all the options of the Luxury Palettes until I asked the beauty assistant and she convinced me that this would bring out my eyes the most. After not wanting to touch it for two weeks, I finally gave in and copied the tutorial in this video

On the back of the palette you are presented with how the shades are supposed to work, and all of the palettes have a designated shade for prime, enhance, smoke and pop. Although you don’t necessarily have to use the shades like this, I think it’s a great way to learn how to achieve the Dolce Vita ‘look’! All four shades are super pigmented and can be used as wash of colour or be built up to be intense, ideal for a day to night situation. The shade that I was worried about most did not turn out to have such a red undertone and is certainly more brown on the skin and works great as a crease shade. The gold is a chunky glitter and is best applied with the finger as it could get messy if used with a brush.  I can see myself definitely getting a lot of use out of this pretty palette, a compact that’s easy to travel with too!

So that’s the last of my Charlotte Tilbury posts, for now! I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini series on Thumbelina Lillie – let me know if a ‘brand week’ like this would be something you’d be interested in seeing and what brands you’d like to see featured! Let me know in the comments if you’re after any of the Luxury Palettes, and if this week has made you lust after something new from CT! Thanks for reading!

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