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GUEST POST | The G Edit – Paris Skincare Favourites

June 12, 2015

Hey everyone! As I’m away on holiday I thought that I would choose some lovely bloggers to guest post a few times. To celebrate some other blogs I love. Here’s my babe, Gianni from The G Edit

Whenever someone says Paris Skincare to me, my first thoughts are quality, effectiveness and absolutely amazing! Today I’m going to share with you some of my top skincare staples, from what I picked up when I visited the city of love. 

My name is Gianni and I run a skincare/lifestyle blog called The G Edit. I was over the moon when Megan asked me to guest post while she’s enjoying the sun, so what better not than to share with you my favourites from Paris. I have tried far too many skincare products but my favourites tend to be originated from France. There’s something about French skincare that completely does the job – fast… and we all love something that gives instant results. 

To start off my favourites, The La Roche-Posay Serozinc couldn’t be left out. I actually brought back Megan a bottle of this from Paris and we both couldn’t believe what fabulous stuff this actually is. The Zinc infused spritz helps fight surface blemishes, but also protects the skin from developing new ones. I tend to use this both morning and night after my skincare routine, but it can also be used during the toner stage. For you ladies it can be used over makeup for a freshen up or before bed to keep you feeling relaxed and hydrated. 

Another spritz product I picked up was the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Now to tell you the truth this is a love or hate product. I’ve had so many mixed opinions when people try this, it may as well be called Marmite! The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a grape water enhanced solution that helps refresh your complexion, reduces signs of stress and naturally boosts your glow. I absolutely love this and the scent is beautiful! I tend to use this around 12pm-ish to just refresh myself especially on those hot summer days. 

My next two products are both lip balms that give fantastic yet different results. First of all is the much-loved Nuxe Reve de Miel. This is a matt balm that instantly hydrates your lips leaving them looking natural with no shine. Some lip balms leave you looking like you have lip-gloss on, but this does the job at repairing cracks and hydration even better with a matt finish. The next is the L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Lip Balm which is similar in health benefits but with a simple, subtle shine. It comes out in a more gel form but when applied sets as an off matt coat with a slight polish. Both fantastic products especially for the winter weather. 

Finally and last but not least, another product from Caudalie, their Polyphenol c15 Overnight Detox Oil. I love facial oils and I think they are highly underrated. This facial oil is designed to be used overnight, just like the Kiehls Midnight Recovery, that helps even out skin tone, maintain natural oil balances and revive complexion. It works flawless when blended in with your moisturiser at the same time to give a more even coverage. If facial oils are something you’re not familiar with, this one is the perfect starter product. 

And that rounds up my Paris Skincare Favorites, thank you for having me! Have you ever tried any of these before? What did you think of them? 


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