It is cliche to say but MAC do do a bloody good lipstick, despite the £15.50 price tag which seems to rise and rise each year. Here are three shades that I think will be great for adding some colour to your look this summer…

One colour that seems to be really popular over the summer months is coral, whether it be on the cheeks or on the lips. One of the most popular coral shades by MAC is Vegas Volt, which is a subtle yet bright orange toned coral. It has an Amplified finish which means that it is really creamy yet builds up to a completely opaque finish, which I love. I tend to leave this to one side until I have a bit of a tan as I think it looks really stunning against sun-kissed skin. 

If you prefer a pink that has a teeny bit of a coral then I would suggest Impassioned which is also a similar finish to Vegas Volt and builds up to a really intense and bright colour. I find that this is a shade that lasts really well on the lips also, despite not being matte. It’s a kind of step-up from your average lipstick if you are wanting to try something a bit brighter but isn’t quite as bright as our next offering…

Candy Yum Yum is without a doubt the brightest shade of lipstick that I own. It is a matte finish, so lasts amazingly well and is a blue-toned, Barbie bright pink which makes your teeth appear even whiter than usual. It is 100% opaque and is definitely not something for the faint hearted due to how bright it really is in the flesh. I love to wear this with just a simple winged eyeliner so that there is not too much going on. 

Let me know in the comments which of these three lipsticks would you prefer? Or maybe you are not quite into the whole bright lipstick thing? Thanks for reading! 

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