When I put myself on a spending ban, I tend to not stick to it. I’ll give it a few days (two really) and then cave. But when TSB got in touch with me to go on a weekly spending ban, I thought I would challenge myself.

When you really think of a week of not spending, it is not a terribly long time. Considering I am in my town centre five days a week, it can be tricky to not be tempted to go for a milkshake, or buy the latest product release from Boots. I have even stopped myself walking through the likes of Topshop on my dinner to prevent me from spying something that I will most probably purchase. Especially with my holiday coming up in June (two weeks in Lanzarote, yes please!), I could do with saving the extra pennies and Tesco are right when they say that, ‘Every little helps’! 

Something that I spend quite a lot of money on, which I did not realise until recently, is drinks when I am out and about. I have an ongoing addiction with Costa’s Hot Chocolate (with added cream and marshmallows. Oh, and a brownie) and I am forever forgetting my bottles of water which forces me to buy a new one. So I said ‘NO!’ to Costa for a week and forced myself to remember to refill and reuse water bottles to see how much money I would save. I worked out that on average I spend around £8 a week in Costa, £3 on water bottles and probably £4 on other various drinks when I go for lunch at University. That’s £15 a week that I could save which is £60 a month, and £720 a year. On drinks! Crazy! When you look at figures like that you learn that this type of stuff, although it seems small at the time, really does add up and can make an impact on your bank balance! 

TSB’s mantra is to ‘borrow well’ and be sensible with money, and that is certainly what I am going to take note of. With £60 a month saved (obviously with a treat here and there) I could put the money towards a new dress, or even save up for a new car, eventually. I’d love to see you re-create this tag, just a simple one week-long spending ban to see how much money you could save. Make sure you check out TSB’s ISA accounts too for any short or long term saving details! Thanks for reading!

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