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Skincare | My Two Hand Cream Saviours

April 25, 2015

Keeping your body moisturised is a way to feel primped and ready but every body seems to get forget about the hands. Here’s my two saviours for soft mitts… 

So I have never really had an issue with my hands being dry until the last two years or so. As the shop that I work in stocks jewellery that has to be made up with pliers and what not, it soon began to take it’s toll on my finger tips and they quickly became dry and quite corse. Introducing, my two hand cream saviours. First up is a well-loved product, it’s the Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment* (£21) which is hands down (pardon the pun) the best hand cream that I have come across. The product absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves the hands feeling soft and well-nourished. The moisture locks in and lasts so that you don’t have to over use the product, which is fab as it’s certainly not the cheapest one on the market. My much more affordable alternative is the The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream (£3.50) which, like I’ve said previously, is my favourite scent of theirs (Mmm, Calpol). This is more of a gel consistency than a cream, however it still sinks into the hands swiftly and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s a great budget, more purse friendly option that’s great to throw in my handbag.

So they are my two products when I’m in need of a bit of TLC with my hands. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are. I would love to know which hand creams are your favourites. Thanks for reading!

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