I think it’s around about that time that I properly introduce you to two very special males in my life. That’s right. Everyone meet my two dogs…

It’s a little bit weird referring to my dogs like people, but sometimes they act as if they are an actual person and they are very different people indeed! First lets introduce Oscar Neville, our almost 4 year old black pedigree pug. I never thought we would get dogs but after seeing Oscar only one-day old, my parents reversed their thoughts 180 degrees. Oscar has been babied by my Mother to the point where he believes he is a little diva-dog. He always wants you to sit down so he can snuggle in and follows people around endlessly. Oscar is such a prude that if you give him dog food with no added chicken on top, he will look at you as if to say ‘What an earth is this?!’. Nevertheless he is such a lovely dog who has great energy (when he wants to) but definitely falls into the lazy pug cliche category.

Dudley Edgar is our two year old pedigree Boston Terrier and I have to admit, he is my baby. He’s full of life and even so much so that poor Oscar has grown tired of him as Dudley tortures 24/7. Despite being full of life he’s not a fan for going out for walks and goes all floppy when you put his harness on him, yet once he’s out he acts like he’s the king of the estate. Dudley loves to give kisses by licking and is a huge fan of cuddles. Last year Dudley began having seizures and has one every 4/5 weeks, it’s an awful experience and makes me want to cradle him like a baby but after his episode he usually goes back to his normal self like nothing ever happened. He also responds to the nicknames I have given him *cringe*, such as ‘Muffin’ and ‘Babsy’.

I’d love to you to leave comments below letting me know of any pets that you may have and what their personalities are like? It’s weird how dogs can develop such similar traits to what a human holds! Thanks for reading.

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