Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were | Ben Howard’s voice has got me through many of my University assignments and when I want to chill out, he’s usually my go-to. His soothing voice and echoing guitar really does zone me out to a completely different place. However his second album is a lot darker than his first, but I adore it. He’s dared to take his music in a different direction and it is a total piece of art. Listen to: ‘She Treats Me Well’ and ‘In Dreams’.

McBusted – McBusted | Now I couldn’t write my first music post and not include these boys now could I? As you know I’m an avid fan of the McFly and Busted boys and this was a match made in heaven for me. I’m so glad that they have made new music together and the album is fantastic. It’s got catchy, witty lyrics and typically a pop with a slight cheesy, punk feel. I’m so excited to see them perform these songs live in a few months. Listen to: ‘Get Over It’, ‘Before You Knew Me’ and ‘Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest’.

Ed Sheeran – X | From the first time I watched Ed perform ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ on YouTube I fell in love. I remember seeing him in a tiny tent at Leeds festival on my boyfriend’s shoulders and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Despite all the romantics loving ‘Thinking Out Loud’, which I agree is amazing, I much prefer his rapping as he’s ridiculously clever with his lyrics. It’s an album that I always find popping on whilst driving. Listen to: ‘Tenerife Sea’, ‘Take it Back’ and ‘The Man’.

One Night Only – Started a Fire | Well this is a throwback and a half to when I was about 14 and obsessed with George Craig. But, I need to be honest in what I’ve been listening to and I’ve for some reason be listening to this a lot. It takes me back to when I was younger and it’s pop, soft rock genre really does make me smile. I’d be interested to know if anyone else used to love this band too. Listen to: ‘Sweet Sugar’ and ‘You and Me’.

Can you tell buying a Spotify account is beginning to take it’s toll on me? For £4.99 a month it really has made me fall back in love with music and I enjoy my little throwback sessions listening to MCR and FOB too. Let me know what music you’ve been loving recently, I’d love to add more music to my Spotify playlists. Thanks for reading!

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