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Advertising | Meet My February ’14 Advertisers

February 21, 2014

Hello! I am Judith and I run I am an almost 21-year-old student studying Communications in Aberdeen, Scotland. My blog is filled with all the beauty products I have tried and loved, my fashion favourites and wants, a few outfit choices of my own and some little lifestyle posts for time to time.  I am self-confessed selfie lover and twitter fan, so pop on over and say hello! 
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BekyLou has become my life recently. I love pouring my time into my posts and into the blogging community, it’s given me something to focus on and actually achieve something that I never had thought possible. If you’d like to take a peep at my blog and give me a cheeky follow, my links are below – I ramble about beauty, fashion and add in a couple of lifestyle posts every now and again too. BekyLou is a huge part of me and I’d love to share it with you in everything from reviews and favourite posts to massive thank you’s for the support in the form of giveaways!

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LuceStephenson is my little beauty escape place, I’m currently at Uni studying Psychology but beauty has most definitely got to be my hobby (an expensive one may I add). I’m also a YouTuber which I absolutely love, it’s my time for myself and I can’t believe I’ve recently reached over 1000 subscribers! If you want to keep up to date with all things beauty then please head over to my blog and YouTube, I’ll be running my 1000 sub giveaway soon so keep your beautiful eyes peeled! Remember, honesty is key. Luce xxxx

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Such gorgeous girlies! My amazing Princess Advertisers this month have been: Cherry PieStarla Says and The Fashion Junkie!

If you’d like to advertise with me in March (soon April bookings will be taking place), all information and statistics are here. Thank you for reading and please, check out my advertisers!

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