If there’s one person I’m not afraid to admit that I fancy the pants off of, it’s Mr Styles himself.  So when I posted this photo on my Instagram and the fabulous girls from Rock on Ruby got in touch letting me know they could recreate it for me… I died! I obviously opted for it without the swearing so that I can wear it publicly and not offend anyone, but you can actually buy the Not Harry Styles Tee* for yourself! It is super soft t-shirt material and is something that you can style with just about anything. If this t-shirt, or their other designs don’t tickle your fancy, you can design your own too!

I’m in love with this t-shirt and if it wasn’t so unhygienic, I’d wear it every day! Are you a big fan of slogan tees? If you could get anything put on a t-shirt, what would you choose? I think this one is right up my street! Let me know…

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