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Nails | My Thoughts on Essie

September 1, 2014

When I won an amazing giveaway recently by the lovely Helen, I was so excited to see three beautiful Essie polishes inside. Obviously, Essie polishes are a ‘thing’ with a lot of people, but that price tag has put me off buying that ever coveted ‘Fiji’ shade for god knows how long. I decided to pick my favourite of the three, a stunning lilac named ‘Under Where?’ (oh the puns!) and whack it on my nails.

First off, I loved the formula. I think that the polish glided on well and it only took two coats for an opaque finish, which is always a winner in everyone’s books. I mean, when is one coat ever enough? The brush is a great size so it’s not too faffy when it comes to applying. I noticed that the nail polish dried extremely quickly, which has to be my favourite thing about these polishes. Nobody likes waiting around for half an hour for their talons to set now, do they? This means that there’s none of that trying to be careful for the next hour so there’s no chips. The only disappointing thing for me was the little time that they lasted on my nails before chipping, a mere 24 hours for this shade, and even under that for the stunning green, ‘First Timer’. Maybe it’s just my nails, or maybe I need a kick-ass top coat but these polishes just wanted to chip away. With Essie, I think it’s the shade range and pretty bottles that draws people in.

What are your thoughts on Essie polishes? I’d love to know if any of you have had any similar experiences to me, or whether they stay put on your nails for a week or so. Recommend me your best top coats too – maybe that is what I’m missing! Thanks for reading.

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