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Blogging | 8 Reasons To Install Disqus

September 11, 2014

1 | It’s super easy to install on to your blog. For whatever platform you host your blog on (Blogger, WordPress etc.), Disqus gives you a few simple steps to follow to embed the comment widget into your template. It takes around 5-10 minutes maximum!

2 | You don’t have to sit and delete hundreds of emails when you start replying back to your commenters! This used to frustrate me something rotten…

3 | When you reply to someone’s comment, they get a notification of your reply, so if people ask questions, they can actually know if you’ve answered!

4 | The page doesn’t reload every time you comment, making the whole experience of commenting back and replying faster.

5 | You won’t lose your existing comments! Disqus gives you the option to transfer all of your current comments over, so you can get replying straight away!

6 | You can click through to people’s profiles to check our their blog – perfect if you’re looking for someone new to follow or want to go give someone else’s blog some love.

7 | If you comment on someone else’s blog who uses Disqus, you are notified on the widget and can view the reply, it’s definitely a two-way kinda thing.

8 | You can still leave clickable links by using a html code, without the html showing up. I know that sometimes when I commented on certain blogs, the html coding would show up instead of the actual link, but Disqus makes linking so easy!

This isn’t a sponsored post at all – I am just so glad that I made the move to using Disqus as my comment system here on Thumbelina Lillie, it just seems to make everything a little bit easier.  Let me know what your thoughts are on Disqus and whether you use it on your blog, or are considering making the move. I’d love to know! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s something a little bit different.

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