I bought this skirt around a year or so ago and a couple of weeks ago I wore it for the first time. I know. That’s absolutely shocking. I purchased it from a local vintage shop due to my Mam bugging me to do so and ever since I have looked at in my wardrobe, tried it on and put it straight back. I’ve always been afraid of any length dress or skirt that goes past my knee; Being a teeny five foot I struggle with pulling it off.

But alas, I bit the bullet and wore it out and I love it. Keeping it simple so that the skirt was kept the focus, I wore a simple off-white cami and hologram loafers from Topshop. I love that it’s lace and my favourite colour of them all. I totally feel like I’m channeling a modern Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Damn, no? I’m easing myself into the new circle midi skirt trend that’s been popping up everywhere – It’s one that I think I’m going to be a little bit in love with.

What’cha reckon then? It’s a bit different for me, don’t you think? It’s nice to spice it up sometimes I suppose. Let me know in the comments below, I appreciate them all so much.

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