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Skincare | Micellar What?!

August 2, 2014

Although I’m a self-confessed skincare fanatic who just cannot get enough of moisturisers, serums and exfoliants, I know that there are a lot of people out there who are probably sat thinking ‘erm, what?’. Today I thought I’d introduce to those people who don’t know what they are, to ‘Micellar Waters’. I didn’t know what a micellar water was until Bioderma came on the scene last year, but I’ve tried a fair few now so here’s a little lowdown made simple.

Micellar Waters are essentially a water based make-up remover that have a couple of chemicals chucked in. They are a great way to remove the bulk of your make-up before you go in with a cleanser to cleanse your skin. I’m no skincare expert, but please do not rely on these alone to clean your skin – they do not work deep enough to give your skin a proper cleanse. I’ve shared my love for the L’Oreal Purifying Micellar Water many a time on my blog and rightfully so; It retails at just under a fiver and works well at removing make-up. My love has taken to a different product as of recent, which is the Eucerin Micellar Cleansing Fluid (not to be used as your main cleanser). Despite being twice the price, I think that this water lifts and removes make-up easier than L’Oreal. It’s brilliant for sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry at all, as some people find happens with these kind of products. In a nutshell, Micellar Waters are a great first step to have in your routine to remove the initial bulk of your dirt and/or make-up off.

I obviously can’t forget about Bioderma – another amazing product which I’ve had the joy of trying and would love to stock up on again soon. Let me know if this has shed some light on these things and if you use Micellar Waters in your routine. I’d love to know which ones you use and if you’ve tried any that I’ve featured. Let me know in the comments – thanks for reading! 

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