This week I’m shopping my make-up stash from Monday to Friday to see what products come out of the woodworks! Perhaps this will postpone my beauty spending habits for a while, we’ll see…

You may well be very shocked to see that all these eyeshadows are from the same brand. That’s right, MAC. I don’t know why I don’t use these as much as I should because they are wonderful eye shadows, but I just haven’t been giving them enough love recently. I’ve been loving a naked eye with a thick liner so I haven’t reached for any of my palettes as such. Nevertheless, Woodwinked was my first purchase as it is a shade that suits all and looks different on the lid than it does in the crease; It’s essentially a whole eyeshadow look in one go. Maybe I should pull this out for lazy days and see if I rekindle my love for it.

The Warm Neutrals Palette was probably one of my biggest beauty buys of last year, and as much as I don’t exactly regret buying it, I definitely could do with using it more to get my moneys worth. It contains fifteen stunning shades that work beautifully together and I’m guilty when I say that I haven’t even touched a few shades (eek!). I’m going to keep this on my dresser instead of in the drawer for the next few weeks and force myself to use this. That middle shade is just too damn beautiful to resist, isn’t it?!

I need to get off the Urban Decay train and hop back onto the MAC one and start using up these products! What brand do you reach for when it comes to eyeshadow? Which brand could you give a little more love to? Let me know in the comments below and check back tomorrow for the next instalment! Thanks for reading!

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