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Skincare | Trilogy Rosehip Oil

June 2, 2014

I must have put this product in my online basket several times and never hit the ‘checkout’ button. I don’t really know what stopped me from buying this in the past, as I’m rather enjoying the product after a few months of use. Yep, the Trilogy Rosehip Oil is loved by many-a-blogger and is something that I feel that Caroline Hirons, the Queen of Skincare, would approve of me using – I hope! Although my skin type isn’t exactly oily, I can become a tad shiny in places throughout the day. This made me think that a facial oil wasn’t really for me. How wrong was I?

This little bottle of goodness is said to have main purposes of minimising the appearance of wrinkles, increasing the smoothness of skin and to help increase moisture levels. Despite this, I love this for a rather different purpose and that is the reduction of scarring, another thing that it is known to do. Although I will probably never get rid of the two scars near my eyebrows (two rather unfortunate childhood accidents, one including a 7 foot branch) this really does aid in spot scarring – something which I suffer from quite a lot!

Encased in a glass bottle is 20ml of product, which I think is good value for money (around £16.50) considering that each time it’s used, you only need the tiniest amount. The pipette is attached to the lid which is super handy and ensures that you only use as many drops as you desire. I use 3-4 drops around my face every night. Over the past few months I’ve seen a huge difference in the overall pigmentation of my skin. It looks a lot more ‘balanced’ as there are less evident spot scars, mostly around my chin area.

Overall, this product receives two giant thumbs up from me. I’d love to know in the comments below if you have used this product or have been tempted to by it! Thanks for reading! 

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