Well, there’s a title I never thought that I would write. Amazingly enough, I was invited down to London to be part of an exclusive screening of McBusted’s brand new tour dvd, ‘TourPlay & McBusted Live at the 02’ and to be involved in an ever-so exciting Q&A with the boys themselves. When Busted first came on to the music scene all those years ago, I was smitten from the first time that I heard ‘Her voice is echoed in my mind…’ and the four McFly gents gave me the same ‘feels’. Fast forward ten or so years and they’ve formed a monster supergroup touring with their most popular and well-loved songs whilst joining forces to create new music.

Being sat on the front row of a Q&A with these six boys, now men, was probably one of the most surrealist things that I’ve been lucky enough to do. Themselves and their music have had a huge impact on me over the past decade and it was a pleasure to sit and enjoy their company. They were so relaxed and had a great vibe about them, having plenty of fun with all of us that managed to ask questions, despite shaking with nerves. They told us that there’s no rules with regards to the next tour and had many a sexual innuendo that had me close to tears with laughter. They were literally everything that I hoped that they would be and I can’t even imagine how fun they are to spend ‘proper’ time with.

Despite strict management, we unfortunately weren’t allowed to get photos with the boys or speak to them afterwards, which was kind of gutting. However, it was still insane to be in such a exclusive situation with them and I managed to snag a cheeky selfie with Tom himself. After the Q&A, we watched the DVD and it was everything that I imagined it would be; A perfect balance of live songs from the tour and hilarious backstage access of what the boys are like when they are not performing.

I had such an amazing night and it was great to share it with my Mam, who is also a big fan (especially of Dougie and now, Harry). A huge thank you to the team at Alfred PR for inviting me and the exceptionally wonderful Becca from Fashion Train for referring me to them, girl, you have no idea how much I love you for this. Let me know who YOU would like to part of an exclusive Q&A with and if you’re a fan of the McBusted boys! Thank you for reading.

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