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ASOS Galaxy VestASOS Black Fur Coat

Topshop Gold Midi

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day ShampooTopshop Black Shoulder Bag

Benefit Cosmetics Brow ZingsAfternoon everyone! First of all, I hope you have a great Bonfire Night & see lots of fireworks. Me, I’m not so fussed, I mean, they’re nice to watch for 10 minutes and then I get bored and cold! I’ve decided to do my first proper shopping haul of a couple of things I’ve bought over the past few weeks, so lets get straight into it. This first item I actually bought from a thrift-ish store in my town called ‘Lazy Joes’, it’s fairly new & is getting a lot more popular recently! It’s really well priced for the quality. I decided to get this jumper as it’s great for those cold days where you just wanna wrap up and winter is definitely coming! I’ve rolled up the sleeves just to make it slightly different & it looks great with any type of flatforms. Check their Facebook out here:

If you read my blog you’ll know that for my 19th Birthday my Uncle treated me to an ASOS voucher to spend. I decided I was desperate for a new fur coat, as my River Island one was on it’s deathbed, cry. This is much shorter than the one I previously owned but I really like it as it hooks up all the way to the top for extra warmth & also has a hood which is a massive bonus! It’s also available in a tan colour… Okay, so I think that EVERYONE needs to have something galaxy print in their wardrobe! I was considering getting a galaxy dress from ROMWE from America but then I seen this & fell in love. It’s right up my street with drop arm holes to give it a really edgy look.

I recently went to the Metro Centre in Newcastle with my boyfriend and his parents and I picked up my favourite buy so far… It is this gorgeous high-low metallic gold dress from the ‘Oh My Love’ collection for Topshop, and to my luck it was in the sale! It’s a ‘one size’ dress which I was a bit worried about as I’m only 5 foot but it just missed the floor with my creepers on so I was over the moon! I can’t wait to debut it on Thursday when I go out… I also picked up this beautiful bag & got 10% off with my sister’s NUS card. I’ve been looking for a bag to use for everyday purposes and this one was perfect, it comes with two detachable handles, a long one for an over the shoulder look and a short one for a handheld look.

So I am just as crazy about Soap & Glory as the next girl so my collection is forever growing! I decided to re-buy the Glad Hair Day Shampoo as it takes really well to my hair & gives it the ‘oomphh’ it needs! I also use the matching Thick Conditioner which relieves my hair of the terrible tangles it gets itself into all the time. WARNING: Just because it takes well to my hair does not mean it’ll definitely take well to yours, so don’t just count on my view! 

My love for the entire Benefit Cosmetics collection grows all the time. I was ooooozing with excitement walking up to the counter in Debenhams as I knew that this was the next product on my list. I’ve heard great reviews about it & the two times I’ve used it so far it looks great! I asked the assistant which shade to get and she helped my pick the medium shade as I do have dark hair. It’s wax and powder combo stays true to it’s name and definitely makes my eyebrows ‘zing’!

I really hope you enjoyed my first shopping haul, thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think, if you use similar products, or have similar items etc! Also, if you would rather see my new clothes pictured on me let me know and if you have any requests for a new blog post contact [email protected]!

Megan. xo

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