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In 2013, I amongst many others found a love for Real Technique brushes. They apply make-up brilliantly and are cheap & easy to pick up. However, I’ve been wanting to extend my brush collection for a while now and was amazed to receive this Zoeva Face Brush Set for Christmas. I’ve only ever tried one Zoeva product before (this beautiful palette) and I loved it so I had high hopes for these too as I debuted them on New Years Eve.

I began using the 142/Concealer Buffer to apply concealer under my eyes, around my nose and onto my chin. The brush is small enough to get into everywhere needed and really does work the product in. It gives a soft focus finish too. When I like to go out and ‘party’ I use MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation which is fairly thick as it’s full coverage. The 102/Silk Finish brush worked it in like no other brush has before, it gives a flawless finish with such dense bristles. To set my foundation, the 106/Powder brush is great for a light dusting of your desired powder around your face.

Shaped to contour perfection, the 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek brush is brilliant in assisting to create incredible cheekbones. I may be as bold to say that it just might be my favourite brush of the collection. If I want a fairly strong highlight, like I did on NYE, the 110/Face Shape can dust some shimmer along the tops of cheekbones beautifully. It’s the perfect size to highlight with. To finish everything off I used the 104/Buffer to make sure everything was blended – this one could probably be used for foundation too.

I’ve been using these brushes ever since NYE and I’m smitten by them. All in all, I really love these brushes and couldn’t recommend them enough. This set is £38 which is a bit pricier than Real Techniques but are certainly worth the extra cash. What do you reckon? What are your favourite brand for brushes? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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