Review: Denman’s ‘D3 Pink Kiss Brush’

Denman D3 Pink Kiss Brush

Denman Lip Balm 

Hello my lovelies! So recently I was contacted by the lovely Siân from Denman International to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their brushes. I was already pretty familiar with the brand as I own (and cherish) my ‘Dressing Out’ brush which you can find here. It’s simply amazing for sectioning my hair when putting my extensions in, and for backcombing to add that extra volume. Seems as though I can’t be parted from my beloved Tangle Teezer, I was very eager to see what another brush had in store for me!

As I have extremely knotty and difficult hair I find it really hard to find a brush that doesn’t hurt my poor little head. When first unpacking the brush I was a bit concerned when I seen the pins, expecting them to hurt like other brushes have. My hair is at it’s most unruly when it’s just been washed, so I thought I may as well throw this brush in at the deep end and try it out then. I closed my eyes and began to pull the brush through my hair, and guess what? NO PAIN! I was amazed at just how smoothly the brush ran through, and it only took a couple of strokes to break down those extreme ‘knots’ that I sometimes get. The smooth round-ended pins really do work a charm! The brush is described to have an ‘anti-static rubber pad’ which really appealed to me. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than brushing your hair after blow-drying and all of a sudden it’s ‘Hello-Static-City’; as if you’ve rubbed a giant balloon against your head. I was thrilled to see that no static was created when brushing through my hair now that it was dry and that the bristles remained gentle on my head and got rid of any remaining knots. It’s no wonder why so many hair salons use this brand of brush, as your left with a lovely smooth result. This specific style of brush comes with a free Denman ‘Kisses’ Lip Balm. If I’m completely honest I wasn’t expecting anything massive from this, but again, I was proved wrong. The lightly candy scented lip balm (well, that’s what I think it smells like) glides onto your lips ever so smoothly, moisturising them almost as good as a Nivea Lip Balm would. It’s been pretty good at making lipsticks not ‘pull’ on my lips when applying them which is always a bonus.

My only downside to this brush, and I have to be honest, is the colour and design. The pink sparkle and silver lipstick kiss prints wouldn’t be my first choice of design as it doesn’t appeal to me and I prefer something plain and simple. However, it would be a perfect ‘first brush’ for a young/teenage girl as the I think the design on a whole is aimed at a younger audience than me. Apart from that, I can’t fault the brush at all! Overall rating – 8/10

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Yesterday, my MAC Giveaway closed and a winner was selected randomly using Rafflecopter and it was the lovely Abby from Beauty and a Blogger! Thanks to everyone who entered, I appreciated it. I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the product & make sure you check Denman out on the links above! Have you used any Denman brushes? Did you like them? Let me know, thanks for reading!

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