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It happened again. I purchased yet another pair of shoes. It’s as if my Metallic flats from ASOS weren’t enough, I had to go that one step further and buy the holographic Jolene loafers from Topshop. It looks like I’m drawn to all things shiny at the moment but I couldn’t click away the Topshop website without buying these. With discounts and gift cards (and free delivery!) I only ended up paying £23 for them, that’s less than half price! Is that a good enough justification? I’ve worn them a couple of times so far and they’re surprisingly easy to match up to an outfit. With them catching the eyes of many people they’re a statement to say the least!

I can’t imagine these being to many people’s tastes but I love them and that’s all that matters. Do you have any statement shoes in your wardrobe? Would you ever dare to go all out like this? Let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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