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HAUL! – Lush, ROMWE, Mink Pink & more!

January 6, 2013

Blog Inc Book

Queen of Fucking Everything Bunting

Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff

No7 Essential Moisture Moisturiser

LUSH Tea Tree Toner Water and Grease Lightning

MinkPink Cropped Orange Jumper

Topshop Houndstooth Playsuit 

ROMWE Green Lapel Dress 

ROMWE Blue and Gold Dress

It’s that time again, haul time! I’m currently writing this in my dressing gown attempting to nurse my hangover, thank the lord I’m not at work today. This is just a collection of stuff that I’ve bought recently, it’s a good feeling when you spend your hard earned cash on amazing stuff! I have to apologise about the lack of posts, my memory card ran away from me so I had to order a new one so I could get snap happy and take these photos for you, enjoy!

BLOG INC BOOK // £7 (sale) Urban Outfitters – I was browsing the UO sale on the website and this just so happened to catch my eye. I thought there’s no harm in doing a bit of swatting up on the whole blogging experience.

BUNTING // £3 (sale) Urban Outfitters – Excuse the language but this bunting is so friggin’ cool that I couldn’t NOT buy it! It’s going to hang either on the end of my bed or on my wardrobe but I’m definitely going to have to take it down when family are round…

MARSHMALLOW FLUFF // £1.99 American Sweet Shop – My town has just got a small American Sweet Shop with a ton of cool stuff in, but it’s so expensive! They have lots and lots of goodies like NERDS, Pop Tarts and cans of fizzy pop, I thought I’d treat my self to this little tub of delicious.

NO 7 ESSENTIAL MOISTURE // £9 Boots – I was in desperate need for a new day cream and this (so far) is working wonderfully! It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and leaves it feeling super soft, not a terrible price too!

TEA TREE TONER WATER // £3.95 Lush – Due to my first experience buying a skincare product from Lush I decided to buy the smaller bottle of this, but looks like I’ll be buying the bigger one because I love it! I even love the medicinal smell, odd.

GREASE LIGHTNING // £5.95 Lush – This spot treatment is AMAZING, I just dab it on my spots before I go to sleep and my skin is noticeably clearer in the morning. This is growing to be one of my favourite products ever.

ORANGE KNIT JUMPER // £20 (sale) MinkPink – There’s a new cute little shop in my town called ‘9th Willow’ and they stock numerous brands from MinkPink and SHADE London along with vintage bits and bobs. I seen this beauty reduced from £55 so it’s my steal of this haul.

PUPPYTOOTH PLAYSUIT // £48 Topshop – I’ve stopped purchasing things from Topshop unless I REALLY love something, and I REALLY love this, it’s beautiful. I think Topshop’s far too overpriced now, but this piece just had to move into my wardrobe.

GREEN BAROQUE DRESS // £25(ish) ROMWE – I can’t remember the exact price due to currency conversion but I’ve fallen in love with ROMWE, there’s fabulous clothing and you don’t have to pay customs, perfect!

LEATHER COLLARED DRESS // £20(ish) ROMWE – Another little beauty from ROMWE. My only problem is the sizes; the dresses are fairly short yet big around the waist. But still, these dresses were just too cute that I had to buy them.

What’s your favourite thing I’ve bought recently? Have you bought anything similar? Let me know, thanks for reading and thank you for 80+ followers!

Megan. xo

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