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I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to get something for just that little bit cheaper. We all do, right? Whenever I’m buying something that is stocked on various websites, I’ll always look around to see where I can find the best price. I remember Lucy mentioning the Cohorted website in one of her videos, and from then on I was nothing but intrigued. Numerous tweets later I decided to take a look and see what the website is all about…

Cohorted is a beauty ‘group buying’ website that aims to give you amazing products for a fraction cheaper than the usual retailing price. As a little round up, Cohorted launches four products every Monday at 6pm that all start at the usual RRP. The more people that join the cohort, the cheaper the product becomes. The products do have a limit of how low the price can go, but you can get some pretty amazing deals on there, from 18% off to 50%. There are only a limited number of products so you do have to be super speedy, especially if it’s a popular product. If you have any more questions about how it works, you can find the answers here:

I recently bought the new Naked Basics 2 palette for £15.40 instead of the standard £22 and I was super impressed with the service. They keep you updated at every stage and their delivery (once the cohort has closed) is quick too. I received my item within 5 days and I’m so happy with it. If you’d like to see a review of the palette, make sure you let me know! Would you consider shopping via Cohorted?

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