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Skincare | Neal’s Yard First Impressions

January 16, 2017

Neals Yard First Impressions

Neals Yard First Impressions

Neals Yard First Impressions

Neals Yard First Impressions

I have been pretty sold on my skincare routine for a while. So when some Neals Yard products came into my life, I thought I’d have a change…

So last October, at the Bloggers Blog Awards, myself and Carli split a huge Neals Yard hamper that we’d won in the raffle. The next day, we headed into their little store in Leeds and had a good sniff and sample of everything they had to offer and only one question came to my mind.

Why haven’t I used this brand before?!

Like seriously.

The smells and sensations were absolutely insane. The lovely store assistant shown us a couple of her favourites and we got well and truly involved in all the essential oils (which I now am the owner of, as well as a aromatherapy diffuser. YAS).

Anyway, these skincare beauties are all I have used in my current night routine for the past few weeks and my skin has been super thankful for them. Apart from a hormonal outbreak (or that full bag of Crunchie Rocks I ate lols) my skin has been an absolute dream.

A brand that once began in Convent Garden has now blossomed into a super recognisable loved range of products. They were one of the first brands to push the idea of natural skincare products and have paved the way for all other brands to follow suit.

Let’s start with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£38) of which I’ve been cleansing my slap off with. Despite that, this is actually a five-use multi product so the possibilities with this one, really are endless! It can be used as a cleanser, a moisturiser, a facemask, a lip balm and a nail balm. BLOOMIN’ HECK.

Made with 99% organic ingredients, the balm melts into the skin and melts away any gunk that’s on your face. A little goes a long way if you continue to work it into the skin. It’s gentle on the eyes and doesn’t have too much of a rosy smell. & the packaging? Well it’s just the cutest.

I’ve been using the Beauty Sleep Concentrate (£32.50) as the last step in my makeup removal routine. It’s essentially a serum/moisturiser that is super lightweight so it feels completely weightless on the skin.

With a blend of essential oils including ylang ylang to replenish the skin by reducing fine lines and balancing the skin so that it feels more radiant and calmer when you wake. Definitely something I need in my currently busy schedule!

That’s not where my full evening skincare routine ends however. I’ve been using a few drops of the Organic Argan Oil (£17.50) right before I go to bed. Produced by an all-women group in Morocco, it is certified ‘Fair for Life’ which means the working conditions of those women are fair and looked after.

Ya see, I need as much moisture as I can get and this little bottle can give me just that without being greasy and settling into my skin. Not only that, but it protects the skin against environmental factors so it’s been brilliant throughout these blustery, wintery days. The face that it’s organic doesn’t make me feel guilty either!

One final little thing, I’ve been using the Geranium & Orange Hand Cream (£10) whilst at my desk to keep those finger tips all lovely! It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave your hands feeling too moist, just nourished and non-cracked – exactly how I like ’em!

Have you came across any Neals Yard beauties that I should try? I may do a different post on my Aroma Diffuser and tell you the benefits of them as well as the different types of oils… maybe, I’m just a little bit weird.


Megan. xo

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